Here's why Prawns Koliwada is a must-try for you if you're a seafood lover in Mumbai!

Here's why Prawns Koliwada is a must-try for you if you're a seafood lover in Mumbai!

A lip-smacking seafood starter, the Prawns Koliwada will leave you wanting for more.

Kolambi koliwada khayacha?!

Kolambi Koliwada, or Prawns Koliwada, is one seafood delight food lovers just cannot miss. Finding its inception in the coasts of Maharashtra, this spicy and crispy dish made from delicious fried prawns is amongst some of the most popular dishes in the state. The 'Koliwada' in Prawns Koliwada is geographically significant, referring to the fishermen colony in Maharashtra, inhabited majorly by the Koli rajputs.

A great seafood snack, the prawns ensure that your body gets enough iron, protein and Vitamins B-6, B-12. Moreover, the preparation is a cinch and takes pretty much the same time as you'd take to fry pakodas. All the more reason to talk about it!

A delightful appetiser

The process of making prawns is simple — you marinate the prawns with ginger, garlic and spices, coat them with flour batter and then deep fry, and voila! Tasty and crunchy prawns await you. Sprinkle a tinge of chaat masala with green chutney or schezwan dip on the side and you're goood. Do remember, an ideal preparation method will not leave heaps of oil lingering onto the prawns, even though it was deep fried. And once you're adept at it, pat your back for becoming a better cook!

P.S. This perfect appetiser will make you experience crispiness in every morsel of the prawns, and a spicy and tangy kick accompanying it will leave you wanting for more!

Pocket-friendly treats

Now that we're clear with the basics, you'd probably want to go and try some of the famous places serving the delish seafood snack. And hence, here is a list of places is Mumbai known for their Prawns Koliwada — A-1 Fish Koliwada at Zoroastrian Colony, Soul Fry in Bandra West, Kolivada Chicken Stall in Kandivali West, Jai Jawan in Bandra West.

You're welcome!

Oh, and, how can we forget to mention that the tasty Prawns Koliwada can get you through most house parties and movies without burning your pockets! Could there be more reasons to indulge in this fulfilling affair? We think not.

Here's why Prawns Koliwada is a must-try for you if you're a seafood lover in Mumbai!
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