Iconic Deccan Queen Express to shuttle between Mumbai & Pune with new LHB coaches starting today

Iconic Deccan Queen Express to shuttle between Mumbai & Pune with new LHB coaches starting today

Deccan Queen is the only passenger IR train that has a functioning dining coach

After completing 92 years of service, Indian Railways' iconic Deccan Queen will now shuttle between Mumbai and Pune on advanced LHB (Linke-Hofmann Busch) coaches. As per the order issued by the operating authority of Central Railways on March 30, 2022, all the ICF (Integral Coach Factory) coaches of Deccan Queen will be replaced with smart and modern LHB coaches.

Advanced features to add to your travel experience

CSMT-Pune-CSMT Deccan Queen Express will be operated with new LHB coaches with a green-red colour scheme starting today. Adding to the travellers' leisure and convenience, the Deccan Queen Express has been recomposed to have 15 coaches, including 4 AC Chair Car (CC), 8 Second Class Chair Car (CC), o­ne Vista dome coach, o­ne AC Dining Car, Guard cum brake van and Generator Car. It may be noted here that Deccan Queen only passenger train in India to have a functioning dining car.

Given this exclusivity, this coach, along with the exterior of the train have been designed by the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad in coordination with the Railway Board, Research, RDSO, ICF in Chennai and officials of Central Railways. The new 40-seater LHB AC Dining Car with 10 wooden tables, new chairs, and bigger window panes is set to offer a pleasant panoramic view of the Western Ghats to the passengers.

Additionally, the new LHB coaches also allow the usage of induction cooktops and e-sighris instead of gas-based cooking, ensuring fire safety. Other kitchen provisions include ample pantry storage, deep freezers, refrigerator, service table, multiple sinks and service counters for the manager.

New LHB equipped Deccan Queen Express running schedule

Train no. 12123 CSMT to Pune

  • Date: 22-06-2022

  • Running days: All days

  • Departure Time: 17:10

  • Arrival Time: 20:25

Train no. 12124 Pune to CSMT

  • Date: 23-06-2022

  • Running days: All days

  • Departure Time: 7:15

  • Arrival Time: 10:25

Journey of the 'Queen of Deccan'

As per the Central Railways train directory, the Deccan Queen had its maiden run between Mumbai and Pune on June 1, 1930, marking an important landmark in the history of the Great Indian Peninsula Railway. Considering Mumbai and Pune as two of the most important cities during British rule, the train was aptly named, "Queen of Deccan".

Initially, the train was introduced with seven coaches, consisting of only first-class and second-class accommodations. However, in the year 1955, third class coaches was also introduced. Another significant change was seen in the year 1966, when the original rakes were replaced by anti-telescopic ICF coaches. The train has been thus shuttling through history and tracks, where the installation of the vistadome coach last year was its most recent upgrade.

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