IMD issues 'yellow alert' in Mumbai till June 17 in wake of heavy rains

IMD issues 'yellow alert' in Mumbai till June 17 in wake of heavy rains

Mumbai and parts of Thane will be soaked in heavy rains until Thursdays, says MeT department.

The Indian Meteorological Department has raised a yellow-grade rain alert in Mumbai and Thane until June 17, amidst the forecast of heavy rains here. Isolated showers, ranging from moderate to intense spells, will lash over these regions until Thursday. As a result, a cautionary alarm has been placed here in the wake of a possible turn of weather for the worse. It also indicates that the rains may cause disruption in the day to day activities.

Mumbai under the rain radar

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The southwest summer monsoon is set to bring heavy downpour in the MMR and surrounding Thane district, till Thursday, the MeT department said. While the trades winds are already pouring continuous rains in Mumbai and satellite districts since Tuesday morning, the condition can possibly become severely bad.

IMD has warned to 'be aware' with a yellow alert through today and tomorrow. It may be noted that this year, the onset of monsoon was marked two days ahead of its expected schedule, on June 9. The rains have enveloped Maharashtra and monsoon prone Mumbai is already under the radar of heavy showers. The scale of this can be gauged by the viral video of a parked car submerging rapidly in a sinkhole at a residential complex in Mumbai.

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Meanwhile, other regions of Maharashtra are also expected to get lashed by isolated rains as predicted by the IMD in its daily bulletin on Tuesday. This notification says the heavy rains will lash over the Indian mainland, across the length and breadth of the country.

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