In a first, BMC plans to develop park for specially-abled children in Mumbai's Juhu

In a first, BMC plans to develop park for specially-abled children in Mumbai's Juhu

The park is set to have large colourful lollipops, sandpits, sand trays, floor painted games and funnel sieves

In recent years, as part of conscious development, a lot of specially-abled friendly facilities all over India are being developed. These facilities include pathways, lifts, malls, and even metro stations that are now accommodating wheelchairs, cranes etc. In a bid to further the advancement and inclusive construction, BMC plans to set up a play park for the specially-abled children at an approximate cost of ₹20 lacs.

According to reports, the play park is being developed in Keshavji Baliram Hedgewar garden in JVPD, Juhu. Spanning across an area of 1,600 sqm, the ambitious and one-of-a-kind project will include the setting up of 11 sets of play equipment that have been specially designed to allow the kids to play freely and comfortably.

As per the reports, the initiative was a part of the Municipal Corporation’s plan to create similar innovative projects in the ward. Owing to its inclusive construction, an NGO has already offered to fund the project.

The park is set to have sandpits, sand trays, large colourful lollipops, floor painted games and funnel sieves. Apart from this, proposal for a wheel-chair friendly ramp at the entry has also been made. In a bid to minimise injury to the kids, the corporation also plans to place rubber mats on the ground.

The project is reportedly coordinated by the NGO Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Airport. With international class play equipment being sourced from Bengaluru, the one-of-a-kind park is set to be ready with the installation in about a month's time.

To ensure the safety measures at the park, the corporation reportedly sought input from teachers of special kids. It is on their suggestion that the park is also set to include water games.

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