Taking a U-turn, Maharashtra govt denies partial ease in lockdown across Mumbai & other districts

Earlier, the State Relief & Rehabilitation Minister had announced phased relaxations in Maharashtra in a 5-level strategy.
Taking a U-turn, Maharashtra govt denies partial ease in lockdown across Mumbai & other districts

Hours after the announcement of a phased unlocking in Maharashtra on Thursday, the state government changed its stance and decided to continue the lockdown restrictions across the territory. On June 3, the Relief and Rehabilitation Minister had informed about a 5-level unlock strategy in the state, however, an official statement detailed that the lockdown has not been lifted (from Friday) anywhere in Maharashtra as the proposed strategy is still under consideration.

Maharashtra lockdown to stretch due to the relentless pandemic

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Taking a sudden U-turn, the state of Maharashtra on Thursday clarified that the existing lockdown curbs will remain in order, contrary to the announcement made by the Relief and Rehabilitation Minister earlier. An official order issued in this regard highlighted that the COVID threat is still on the rise in several rural areas and the unlocking protocol can be adopted only after a detailed review of each district. "The restrictions have not yet been lifted in the state," finalised the statement.

At the same time, it was pointed out that the government has started to award some relaxations under its 'Break The Chain' orders. Districts have granted graded ease in regular activities, while the Disaster Management Department has been tasked to evaluate the five-phased 'unlockdown' based on the weekly Covid-19 positivity rate and the availability of oxygen beds.

"In view of the deadly and changing form of the coronavirus, it is important to decide whether or not to life the ongoing curbs. The detailed guidelines regarding the consequent easing or tightening of restrictions shall be accordingly notified by the government soon, said the order.

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