India's first earth-sheltered home with a pool & roof garden, is ONLY 3 hrs away from Mumbai

India's first earth-sheltered home with a pool & roof garden, is ONLY 3 hrs away from Mumbai

A mini trip to New Zealand? Yes, please!

Ready to experience the magic of the Lord Of The Rings movie while staying in hobbit-like homes near Mumbai? Yes, we thought so! Transporting you to the captivating landscape of Mount Victoria, New Zealand, SaffroSstays AsanjA in Murbad, offers India’s first earth-shelter homes.

Just two and a half hours from Mumbai, this exclusive accommodation experience also comes with stunning views of the Sahyadri Hills. This hidden gem near Mumbai is a must-visit and we've got the deets covered for you!

Overview of the stay

This cave dwelling has a distinct hobbit-like appearance and will immediately bring to mind the iconic image of a hobbit home. In addition to the bedrooms, the cave houses feature a swimming pool and an indoor dining space, as well as rooftop gardens, that span across the entire property.

The interiors are curated out of a wide range of materials, including tiles, stone, glass and wood, which forms an aesthetically-pleasing appearance. The colour palette of the rooms is predominantly aqua and white, reminiscent of a mythical realm.

This property exudes a unique and eclectic atmosphere, combining natural structures, numerous earthy elements and luxurious functionality - in an effortless manner. Terrace gardens are scattered throughout the property, further adding to its captivating charms.

Detailed description of AsanjA

The estate has AsanjA Titaly and AsanjA Dragonfly, offering an array of amenities that blend leisure and luxury. The AsanjA Titaly villa is a two-bedroom underground home with a stunning swimming pool. On the other hand, AsanjA Dragonfly is a 3-bedroom home villa that can easily accommodate 6 guests.

It may be assumed that the cave rooms lack natural light, however, this is not the case. Each room is carefully crafted with curved windows, providing ample daylight throughout the day.

Additionally, the property is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, ready to keep your eyes busy throughout the day. Photographers will be particularly drawn to this remarkable setting, as it provides countless opportunities to capture remarkable moments.

What all to do here?

Apart from admiring the property, it is important to note the various activities that can be taken up, when here. There are a variety of indoor activity options and alternatively, visitors can hike through a nearby nature trail to explore the estate.

A must-do activity here is to soak in the sunsets on the terrace while sipping on some coffee. As soon as evening comes around, a bonfire is set up to entertain guests for a while. As for food, you’ll be spoilt for choices, as the in-house chef here serves a variety of delish grubs.

It is quite clear that this property meets all of our expectations, so why wait? Book now!

Location: House No 435 Village Dehari Taluka, Dist, Murbad
Timings: Check-in at 1 pm and check-out at 10 am
Price: ₹18,000 onwards

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