Indulge in some grill thrill! Head to Bandra's Border Bean Barbecue for a meal to remember

Indulge in some grill thrill! Head to Bandra's Border Bean Barbecue for a meal to remember

This small but sizzling joint is serving up traditional American barbecue and more!

Buckle up, Bandra – there's this BBQ sheriff in town, and it's not just turning heads; it's turning up the heat on the grill game! Nestled in this vibrant suburb, Border Bean Barbecue is the culinary sensation which is hitting Bandra's eclectic food scene. This small but sizzling joint is not just serving up traditional American barbecue; it's dishing out a funky, fresh take that's got taste buds doing the tango.

Welcome to the wild, wild west of flavour, where Border Bean Barbecue is the rootin'-tootin' maestro of reinvented classics and mouth-watering marvels!

Relish some Smokin' Hot Grills!

Step into Border Bean Barbecue, where the vibe is as lively as the colours on the walls, the decor is as quirky as your favourite playlist, it's a whole foodie fiesta waiting to unfold.

Now, let's dive into it's dishes which is a journey of flavours. Imagine succulent ribs slow-cooked to perfection, smoky explosions with every bite. The menu caters to BBQ enthusiasts with options ranging from tender briskets to fiery sausages – a celebration of smoke and spice.

But it's not just about the meats. Vegetarians, rejoice! Border Bean Barbecue crafts innovative grilled delights that'll make you forget you ever craved meat. Picture smoky grilled veggies, loaded baked potatoes, and an array of skewers – a veggie haven showcasing the chef's creativity.

Quench your thirst with its refreshing drinks – from smoked pineapple lemonade to watermelon strawberry margarita. The beverage menu mirrors the diversity of the crowd that flocks to this place!

Knock Knock

So, if you have a penchant for smoking hot dishes, grilled delights, and all things BBQ, Border Bean Barbecue is the place to be! This Bandra joint is a testament to the fact that sometimes, the best things come in small, funky packages.

Cost for two- ₹1,400 (approx.)

Location- Shop 4, Ankleshwar Towers, ONGC Colony, Nityanand Road, Reclamation, Bandra West, Mumbai

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