Inspired by a World Heritage Site, THIS Bandra restaurant infuses Indian & Spanish cultures

Inspired by a World Heritage Site, THIS Bandra restaurant infuses Indian & Spanish cultures

An exceptional dining experience, where luxury and culinary excellence converge.

With a luxurious dining space setup and the allure of a private bar, Bandra's La Loca Maria has our attention! This charming restobar infuses the essence of Spanish culture into your dining experience, complemented by a hint of Indian influences.

So if you're eager to embark on a flavourful culinary adventure, then this establishment should be at the top of your list. Perfect for a romantic evening, here's all you need to know about La Loca Maria.

Fusion of Spanish Flair and Indian Palate

Taking cues from Chef Manuel's picturesque hometown, the UNESCO heritage city of Toledo in Spain, La Loca Maria's culinary approach is straightforward. "La Loca" translates to "the crazy" in Spanish and it is a tribute to Chef Manuel Olveira's mother, who kindled his love for cooking when he was a child.

At La Loca Maria, the focus is on savouring the true essence of each ingredient, embracing the rich simplicity of flavours that highlight the quality of their ingredients, all in the pursuit of exceptional taste. Drawing inspiration from vibrant Spanish tapas bars, this restaurant takes great pride in handcrafting every aspect of its drink offerings while prioritising zero waste.

Beyond being a Spanish-style haven, La Loca Maria represents the chef's unwavering dedication to crafting a culinary masterpiece. It's a place where the bold Spanish flavours harmonize with India's diverse palate. This commitment to uniting and elevating both culinary traditions sets La Loca Maria apart, offering a global gastronomic journey where traditions merge, and flavours unite in celebration.

Experience the finesse of La Loca Maria, now!

La Loca Maria, with it's exquisite fusion of Spanish and Indian flavours, is perfect for a date night or a plush dining experience. Every moment becomes a memory, every bite an indulgence, and every conversation, a spark.

So, whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking an extraordinary dining experience, La Loca Maria invites you to savour a truly exceptional dining experience where warmth, luxury, and culinary excellence converge in harmonious delight!

Location- Unit 2, 2A, 3, 8B II, 8B III, F1, Fatima Villa, 29th Road, Pali Hill, Bandra West, Mumbai.

Shell out- ₹4,500 for two people (approx.) without alcohol

Timings- Tue- Sun: 12 Noon- 3:30 PM, 7:00 PM- 1:00 AM, (Monday Closed)

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