'Izzhaar' your love for your special ones! Check out THIS sublime gift store in Juhu

'Izzhaar' your love for your special ones! Check out THIS sublime gift store in Juhu

This gift shop easily grasps the potency of gifts to communicate profound sentiments.

Gift-giving is both an artistic expression and a heartfelt gesture, and your search for the ideal gift this season, concludes at Izzhaar in Juhu. Here, you can convey your most genuine sentiments with a passionate touch!

At Izzhaar, the concept is clear: every gift narrates a tale, each invitation establishes a sense of closeness, and every gourmet delicacy leaves a lasting imprint. This gift shop in Juhu grasps the potency of gifts to communicate profound sentiments and forge unforgettable occasions.

Izzhaar redefines the art of gifting!

The lavish and considerate gift selections at Izzhaar, redefines the concept of artistic gifting, leaving a lasting impression with its brilliance. Whether you're expressing affection for someone or acknowledging someone's achievements, Izzhaar presents an array of choices that transcend the ordinary.

Izzhaar's collection of gifts is a delightful revelation, offering a distinct and special encounter. Here, you can delve into its fantastic gifts designed for new parents or impress your dear ones with its Zilver decor selections! Additionally, with its carefully crafted selection of gourmet sweets and savoury delights for any event, Izzhaar is guaranteed to exceed your expectations!

Izzhaar has got you covered this festive season

As the official invitation partner for prestigious events, like Filmfare and Dadsaheb Phalke International Film Awards, Izzhaar has established itself as a top pick for important occasions. At this Juhu gift store, truly your search for the flawless gift, the impeccable invite, and the most exquisite gourmet collection, concludes!

Address- 1st floor, Besides, Prithvi Theatre, 19-28/29, Juhu Church Rd, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Timings- 10:30 AM- 8:00 PM

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