Just like us, do you also miss THESE 7 things during Mumbai monsoons?

Just like us, do you also miss THESE 7 things during Mumbai monsoons?

Although enjoyable for many, monsoons here can soon become an annoyance.

Mumbai is known for its extreme living standards, fast-paced lifestyle, the making (or breaking) of dreams and of course the impending monsoons. And the monsoon rainfall not only brings along the smell of wet mud and overdose of pakora-chai breaks but also, the glooming weather, fizzy hair, delayed cabs, and dirty shoes. We can almost see you nodding heads! 

So, here we have curated a list of 7 things we miss most during the monsoon season in Mumbai; what ‘bout you?

Ease of auto rides

Autorickshaws rides in Mumbai are a whole different vibe. Rushing through street to street, these life-saving angels are parked in every nook and corner. However, with heavy rainfall autos are hard to find, roads are filled with pot-holes and lots of patience is required while booking a cab, that too at increased prices.

Street shopping at Linking Road

Mumbai markets are a shopaholic’s lifeline. And if you agree with us, Bandra’s Linking Road must be the first thing on your mind for everything -clothes to shoes. However, due to heavy rains, shops at Linking Road which are usually bustling with people and contagious energy, are left empty and sad.

Hogging on street-food/ordering in

The streets of Mumbai burst into life each morning with mobile chefs chopping, spicing, grilling and frying delicacies such as poori bhaji or dabeli. However, as we try to roam the streets on a rainy day, these places are usually shut down or covered by a tarpaulin, making the food unfit for consumption. And if you try ordering online, chances are that the place is closed or no delivery boy is available nearby. Sigh.

Pre-planning weekend hangouts

Mumbai has its own essence, when we talk about its nightlife and hangout spots. Further, people like us in this fast-moving city, wait for the weekends eagerly. But as soon as the monsoon season crawls in with its Orange or Red Alerts, it becomes tough to pre-plan anything at all - let alone weekend scenes.

Gorging on Alphonso Mangoes

Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott

Do you love mangoes as much as we do? Then chances are you‘ll agree with us on this one. This tropical fruit is available in abundance at most bazaars of Mumbai, from April to June. However, with the onset of the monsoon season, Alphonso mangoes are rarely seen in the market. And if they're spotted, then chances are that this variety will be highly-priced and lack authentic taste.

Meeting up with colleagues/school friends

During monsoons, Mumbai is mostly inundated in waist-deep water, bringing office and school life to a standstill. Orange to Red Alerts are issued almost every other day and Mumbaikars are forced to shift to hybrid models of work and study. This also means no meeting with school friends or sharing a cup of chai with our fav colleagues. Although initially enjoyable for many, it soon becomes an annoyance - agreed?

Carrying no monsoon 'weapons'

As the monsoon season hits Mumbai, getting to travel in perfectly dry clothes, hair and shoes, is a luxury. From stepping out with minimal to zero belongings, people are now forced to carry their monsoon 'weapons'. This includes umbrellas, raincoats, extra T-shirts and sometimes even shoes, to combat the showers. Max relate, hai na?

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