Khar's Jai Jawan
Khar's Jai Jawan

Khar's 48-yo Jai Jawan humours seafood lovers with its supreme Koliwada Fish Fry!

This humble eatery has got it all when it comes to satiating your hunger!

Jai Jawan, located in close proximity to Bandra National College, has been serving tandoori seafood and meat dishes to hungry customers, since 1975. And although there's no fancy ambience or anything to see in particular, Jai Jawan is still a must-visit Punjabi restaurant. Especially, if you want to have the best Koliwada Fish Fry in Mumbai. The story behind the establishment's name is a captivating one and we've got the deets covered.

How it all started?

 Khar's Jai Jawan
Khar's Jai Jawan

Founder Rajinder Singh, was a former Navy cadet who served in two Indo-Pak wars. Due to health issues, he was forced to leave the Indian Navy, but his commitment to the armed forces inspired him to start a business and name it 'Jai Jawan', which translates to 'Hail the Soldier'. Now, Jai Jawan stands as a renowned Punjabi eatery in Khar, that serves seafood delicacies like no other!

Jai Jawan's Star: Koliwada Fish Fry

When in Khar, Jai Jawan is the best place to eat delicious Koliwada Fish Fry. Period. This famed dish is known for its unique and flavorful preparation style, making it a favorite among Mumbai seafood lovers.

Often using varieties like pomfret or any firm-fleshed fish, the fish fillets are marinated in a mixture of Indian spices and a special Koliwada masala. The masala typically includes ingredients like red chili powder, turmeric powder, ginger-garlic paste, garam masala, ajwain (carom seeds), and other spices.

The marination helps infuse the fish with a burst of flavours, that make Jai Jawan stand out. After the fish fillets have been marinated, they are coated in a spiced gourmand batter (besan). This batter provides a crispy texture to the fish as it deep-fried, creating a delightful combination of flavours and textures.

The fish is then fried until golden brown on the outside and delicate on the inside, resulting in a mouth-watering plate of Koliwada Fish Fry.What makes it even better is Jai Jawan's green chutney. This chutney is made with pudina and onion, which give it a nice minty kick!

The menu also offers:

Jai Jawan's got it all when it comes to satiating your hunger! From fish fry to tandoori chicken, this eatery does it right! It's easy to see why it's is a go-to spot for so many - the smell of Jai Jawan's grilling chicken and sizzling fish is unbeatable! Jai Jawan's menu offers a selection of paneer dishes too, to take care of the vegetarians' palates. Essentially, this Punjabi restaurant offers desi dishes in a traditional manner - a USP that keeps Jai Jawan busy with hungry crowds.

A must visit!

It is important to remember that Jai Jawan holds limited seating space and no parking facility. And although the eatery doesn't look too fancy, the quality of food, prompt service, and hygienic atmosphere, are the highlights. Also, Jai Jawan isn't too pocket-friendly but its quality and quantity, make up for it!

Where: 7, Mangal Bhavna Housing Society, Junction Of 14th Road & PD Hinduja Marg, Khar, Mumbai

Opening hours: 6:30 pm- 12:30 am

Cost for two: ₹700 (approx.)

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