Knocksense Shorts | Jio joins hands with IIT Bombay to launch Bharat GPT

Knocksense Shorts | Jio joins hands with IIT Bombay to launch Bharat GPT

The goal is to craft AI models tailored for India and foster the country's economic expansion.

Reliance Jio has joined forces with IIT Bombay to propel the government's indigenous GPT initiative, Bharat GPT. Professor Ganesh Ramakrishnan, of IIT's Computer Science and Engineering Department, is spearheading efforts to explore GPT and Large Language Model (LLM) solutions.

Akash Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Jio, announced the collaboration during IIT-B's Techfest, an annual science and technology festival. Reflecting on his decade-long association with Techfest, Ambani mentioned the pivotal moment in 2014 when they launched 4G on the IIT-B campus.

The Bharat GPT consortium, initiated a year ago, operates as a Public-Private Partnership led by IIT Bombay, with participation from academic institutes like IIT Madras, IIT Mandi, IIIT Hyderabad, IIT Kanpur, and IIM Indore.

Professor Ramakrishnan expressed the consortium's transformative vision, aiming to integrate generative AI with Bharatiya culture, fostering economic growth and technological inclusion across all strata of Indian society. The consortium plans to release multi-lingual and multi-modal foundational models, along with applications and implementation recipes, promoting grassroots innovations tailored to Indian needs.

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