Know about Bandra's all-new 'Vibe Dealer', brewing coffee using Brazilian & Ethiopian beans

Know about Bandra's all-new 'Vibe Dealer', brewing coffee using Brazilian & Ethiopian beans

We checked this kiosk and here are the details.

Tucked snugly next to Vijay Sales in Bandra, you've got Oh My Coffee - an adorable kiosk that's totally levelling up the coffee scenes in the area. Beckoning coffee lovers with its commitment to quality, OMC is more than just a regular caffeine pitstop - it is a lively 'vibe dealer'.

This kiosk serves java, curated with beans sourced from the prime coffee regions of Ethiopia and Brazil - which says a lot about the expected coffee experience here. So read on to know all about Bandra's all-new Oh My Coffee, serving premium joe and good vibes!

Coffee Calling!

Open from 7 am to 1 am, Oh My Coffee operates per the varied rhythms of the city, throughout its hours. For hustlers and early birds, it's a morning refuge, while night owls find solace in its warm ambience during late-night drives.

What's brewing at Oh My Coffee, is more than just your regular cup of joe. The menu boasts an impressive array of coffees and milkshakes that cater to every palate. And of course, don't miss out on its playful experimentation with flavours! Oh My Coffee isn't surely afraid to mix it up with offerings like the refreshing Cranberry Iced Coffee or the energy-infused Rocket Full—a daring blend of espresso and Red Bull.

With prices starting at a pocket-friendly ₹109, Oh My Coffee ensures that a flavour-packed coffee experience doesn't burn a hole in your wallet. Reeshav Bhaishya, co-founder of Oh My Coffee, provided some insights into the venture, expressing, "We kicked off just a month ago in Bandra, and our goal is to see it thrive. We aim to expand our business, offering people the chance to savour our coffee. Our plan involves opening ten additional kiosks across Mumbai and eventually expanding Pan India."

Knock Knock

Reeshav RB

So, whether you're a coffeeholic needing an urgent caffeine boost, an early riser looking for a morning ritual, or a night crawler on a quest for a late-night pick-me-up, Oh My Coffee is calling your name! Head to this coffee kiosk today or maybe tonight and experience its offerings, for yourself.

Timings- 7:00 AM- 1:00 Midnight

Location- Oh My Coffee, Linking Road, Next to Vijay Sales

- With inputs from Keisha Bajaj

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