Know about THIS bookstore in Bandra, rooted in the owner's quest to meet Salman Khan!

Know about THIS bookstore in Bandra, rooted in the owner's quest to meet Salman Khan!

Shaw treasures a limited edition '1935 Henri Matisse' book, valued at over $12,000.

'A Topaz Old Paper Mart & A Book Shop', located in Bandra, unfolds as more than just a bookstore—it's a captivating haven that weaves together the dreams of its owner, Birju Shaw, and his fervent desire to meet Bollywood icon Salman Khan. Hailing from Bihar, Birju Shaw ventured to Mumbai in 2002 with a singular goal- to encounter the megastar!

Little did he know, this audacious dream would blossom into a delightful bookstore, resonating with stories of unwavering determination and boundless passion.

The Extraordinary Tale of 'A Book Shop'

A decade has unfolded since Shaw established his bookstore in Bandra, catching distant glimpses of Salman Khan . The journey to Bandra was serendipitous, fueled by his pursuit of second-hand books from scrap stores, Shaw mentions.

Seizing a golden opportunity near Salman Khan's residence, Shaw strategically rented a space in Topaz Apartments, formerly a library. His ingenious plan? To elicit calls from residents for scrap collection, affording him the coveted view of his idol. However, his dream of a close encounter with Salman Khan remains unfulfilled.

'A Book Shop' distinguishes itself with a rich assortment ranging from novels, children's books, and comics to general knowledge, vintage books, newspapers, and magazines. Shaw's unique pricing method adds charm to the bookstore. Instead of basing prices on the size of the books, they are determined by the popularity of the author. The range begins at a reasonable ₹10 and goes up to ₹1,000, with vintage books priced higher due to their rarity in the collection.

Among Shaw's treasures lies a limited edition book by Henri Matisse, the esteemed French visual artist. This rare gem, dating back to the 1935 New York Publication, showcases 20 original illustrations and Matisse's authentic signature. Valued at over $12,000 in the US, Shaw possesses the exclusive copy in India. Another notable piece is James Joyce's "Ulysses," priced at around ₹10 lakhs, both securely stored in his home.

Knock Knock

Tucked away in a secluded lane, 'A Topaz Old Paper Mart & A Book Shop' might be a hidden gem, yet for those versed in Bandra's maze, it's only a stone's throw away from the newly unveiled Veronica's. Beyond its inviting shelves of books, it serves as a living testament to one man's tenacious pursuit of a dream.

Timings- 10 AM- 9:30 PM

Location- 55 Topaz Apartments, Waroda Road, Bandra West, Mumbai 

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