Ladurée, the iconic 162-YO French bakery, has opened its doors HERE in Mumbai

Ladurée, the iconic 162-YO French bakery, has opened its doors HERE in Mumbai

This debut has been much-awaited.

The world-renowned Ladurée, a French luxury bakery and tea room founded in 1862, has finally graced Mumbai. This patisserie has opened its doors at JIO World Plaza in BKC and all the foodies in the city, are already obsessing over it!

As an iconic purveyor of culinary excellence, Ladurée's debut has been much-awaited and rightfully so. Each dessert here is meticulously crafted, which further transform into 'edible poetry' - each verse recounting the rich narrative of Ladurée's 162-year-old heritage.

Ready to be transported to Paris?

Upon entering Ladurée Mumbai, anticipate a transcendental journey to the heart of Paris. The decor marries French opulence with Indian warmth, crafting an ambiance that eloquently reflects Ladurée's commitment to merging cultures through the sweet language of patisserie. Crystal chandeliers, akin to edible jewels, gracefully dangle from the ceiling, casting a gentle luminescence upon the vibrant macarons, arranged on shelves like a delectable art exhibition.

Every morsel at Ladurée is a fête of skill and ardoUr. The macarons, boasting crisp shells and sumptuous fillings, are a testament to the artistry propelling Ladurée into global renown. The pastries, adorned with meticulous details, transcend mere desserts; they are edible verses, narrating a legacy spanning centuries.

Allow your taste buds to have a Parisian Experience

The allure of Ladurée's iconic macarons and exquisite pastries, have also made it to shows like Gossip Girl and films like Marie Antoinette - which speaks volumes about its popularity! So embrace the captivating charm of BKC's Ladurée and head out today to try out its offerings.

Contact- +91 8888888664

Timings- 11 AM - 10 PM

Location- Level 1, Jio World Plaza, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai

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