Looking for an offbeat getaway near Mumbai? Pack up for a drive to Chalkewadi Windmill Farm!

Looking for an offbeat getaway near Mumbai? Pack up for a drive to Chalkewadi Windmill Farm!

Must-visit nearby attractions are in the itinerary, too!

With monsoon making its way to Maharashtra, its that time of the season again when you can go on long drives to picturesque sites of the iconic Western Ghats.

The only downside for most of the natural attractions around Mumbai is that they remain overcrowded with tourists. That's where the relatively lesser known and offbeat places come to the rescue. Just like the underrated gem, i.e., Chalkewadi Windmill Farms.

One of the biggest windmill farms in Asia!

Developed as an ambitious renewable energy project 283 km from Mumbai, Chalkewadi Windmill Farm has gradually turned into a much-loved tourist spot and why not! A look at its lush green hills, picturesque valleys, red soil, and mammoth windmills is enough to make you go "WOW"!

But one thing that stands out for tourists who visit the place is the serenity of the place, which is cut by the swishing sounds of the humongous fan blades. Furthermore, the sheer size of these fans on the backdrop of the gorgeous valleys is also a sight to behold.

Visit during monsoon to take in scenic views of Thoseghar Waterfalls 

Apart from the windmill farm, there are several other attractions around Chalkewadi that you can visit, as well. In fact, Thoseghar Waterfall is also visible from this place during monsoon months. In addition to that, Ajinkyatara Fort, located atop the mountain of the same name, is also just 2-3 kms from Chalkewadi.

Kas Pathar, the colourful and fascinating plateau, is also at an hour's ride from Chalkewadi. From jungle safaris to jeep expeditions, there is a lot to do at this spot, as well.

Lastly, if you want to extend your getaway with a slightly longer ride from Chalkewadi, make Panchgani your next stop. One of the most beautiful hill stations in India, this place with breathtaking views needs no introduction, does it?!

Knock Knock

Apart from the massive windmill farm and the nearby attraction, the scenic drive to Chalkewadi alone is enough to make this getaway a must-try. So, pack your bags and be ready to make a beeline for the Chalkewadi Windmill Farm to watch the very best of Maharashtra in monsoon!

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