Lovin' & dating yourself? Bookmark THESE 7 fun ideas for a solo date in Bandra!

Lovin' & dating yourself? Bookmark THESE 7 fun ideas for a solo date in Bandra!

Bookmark this list to explore the joys of solo adventures.

Mumbaikars, listen up! We've curated a list of 7 solo date ideas, that are here to better your journey of self-discovery! From dynamic dance workshops to therapeutic pottery classes and serene yoga sessions — we've compiled a diverse range of experiences, tailored for solo adventurers.

So, whether you're exploring a new hobby or enhancing your skills, these solo date ideas promise moments of joy, self-expression, and relaxation. Read on to know more!

Bandra Reads

Welcome to Bandra Reads, a vibrant 'reading society' that meets every Sunday at Jogger's Park. This thriving community has a simple yet powerful goal – to silently and collectively immerse in the world of books. Bandra Reads extends a warm welcome to bibliophiles of all genres, fostering a shared passion for literature. Join this creative society where individuals come together every Sunday to engage in the quiet magic of reading.

Timings- Every Sunday 8:30 AM- 10:30 AM

Location- Joggers Park, Bandra East

The Yoga House

The Yoga House stands out as the go-to place for detoxification. Renowned for its experienced instructors and an on-site health cafe, it is celebrated for both its routine classes and periodic workshops. Perfect for a solo retreat, Yoga House offers a tranquil space to rejuvenate and indulge in a holistic experience!

Location- Nargis Villa/ Water Bungalow, Bandra West


Adagio stands out as an ideal spot for a solo date, catering to the tastes of every imaginative individual. This place provides a diverse range of activities, from guitar lessons and music listening sessions to photography workshops, storytelling, and yoga classes. Step into this charming venue that serves as both a creative hub and a social club, fostering connections among artistic minds.

Location- Adagio Lite, Bandra

The Pottery Lab

The Pottery Lab regularly hosts pottery and ceramics workshops. Participants here, have the option to attend classes on both weekdays and weekends. The beginner's module spans five weeks, consisting of a total of 10 sessions led by Rekha Goyal. The sessions cover the fundamentals of pottery making, glaze application, decoration, and various other aspects. If this piques your interest, what are you waiting for? Enroll Now!

Location- Pali Hill, Bandra West


Indulge in a solo rendezvous at Chantilly, where the grandmillennial decor, charming cutlery, and inviting corners create a haven for delectable desserts. Chantilly is perfect for savouring a cozy cup of hot chocolate and cookies on festive Christmas nights. With its Instagrammable and endearing decor, this spot is ideal for treating yourself to some self-love over a comforting cup of hot chocolate.

Location- Perry Road, Bandra West

The Danceworx Performing Arts Studio

For solo company, Danceworx in Bandra provides an opportunity to unleash your creativity through the art of dance. The studio presents a range of engaging workshops in addition to more extensive, specialized courses. Whether you're interested in contemporary jazz, funk jazz, tap dance, or other styles, Danceworx offers a diverse array of options.

Location- Hill Road, Bandra West

Bombay Art Society

The Bombay Art Society provides an ideal setting for solitary moments, allowing you to appreciate the artworks within the gallery. Being among the earliest art societies established in India, The Bombay Art Society is a testament to the enduring passion of art lovers. Run by artists and sustained with minimal state support, the institution has thrived for over 127 years. Its enduring significance in shaping the art landscape in India and beyond is undeniable.

Location- Reclamation, Bandra West

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