Maharashtra Day 2024 | Exploring 7 GI-Tagged products, honouring the state's cultural heritage

Maharashtra Day 2024 | Exploring 7 GI-Tagged products, honouring the state's cultural heritage

Out of all the GI Tags registered in India, Maharashtra owns 34 GIs.

Geographical Indication (GI) Tag, is a type of intellectual property right granted to a product that originates from a specific geographical region. Out of all the GI Tags registered in India, Maharashtra owns 34 GIs; 26 under Agricultural Category, 7 under Handicraft Category and only 1 under Manufacturing. So on this Maharashtra Day, here are some of our picks:

Solapuri Chaddar

First handicraft product to be GI tagged from Maharashtra in 2005, Solapur Chaddar is a variety of bed sheets manufactured from cotton in the Solapur district. Unique designs and long-term usability of the chaddar has made it quite popular across the country and beyond.

Nashik Valley Wine

The only "Manufactured Category" product GI Tagged in the state in 2010, Nashik Valley Wine is the largest producer of wine in India. Nashik has an ideal winter temperature that helps grapes retain acidity and optimal sugar levels. Additionally, it is placed at a height of 2000-2400 feet. The proprietors of this product are the different wineries located in the Nashik Valley region, led by the famed Sula Vineyards.

Kolhapuri Chappal 

With a humble rural origin, Kolhapuri Chappal was GI-tagged in 2018 under the "Handicraft" category. The sturdy, hand-crafted and tanned leather chappal slowly rose to fame and occupies high standards in the fashion industry. Encouraged by Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj (1874-1922), the art of making them has been passed down since generations and now available globally.

Paithani Saree and Fabrics

Another one under the "Handicraft" category, Paithani Saree and Fabrics were GI-tagged in 2010. Christened after the town, these sarees hail from Paithan, near Aurangabad. Paithan Sarees are also referred to as ‘Mahavastra’ since they are regarded as a must for all marriage ceremonies. What’s fascinating is that these sarees and fabrics can last upto 100 years, if kept properly.

Marathwada Kesar Mango

Marathwada Kesar Mango, a delicious variety of mangoes from Maharashtra, was GI-tagged in 2018. Did you know that this variety of mango from Beed District, also carries higher total soluble solids (i.e. 240 Brix), which adds a distinctive colour and taste to the fruit?! Much before Alphonso, this one was exported extensively in different parts of India and abroad.

Mahabaleshwar Strawberry 

Located in Western Ghats, Mahabaleshwar is home to naturally juicy strawberries with 7% glucose content. This variety was the 4th product to be GI tagged from Maharashtra, under Agricultural category. The bright red colour of the strawberries is maintained due to the exact amount of heat and sunlight available in Mahabaleshwar.

Warli Painting

Only one on the GI Tag list from Mumbai, Warli Paintings are finest examples of folk style paintings. The artform uses basic geometric shapes to depict a scene like circles, triangles, and squares. These shapes are symbolic of different elements of nature such as the sun, moon, mountains and land. Warli Paintings are traditional knowledge, and preserved across generations.

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