Make a pawsitive difference: Here's all about YODA, an animal welfare NGO in Khar

Make a pawsitive difference: Here's all about YODA, an animal welfare NGO in Khar

Adopt, don't shop.

There is no doubt that we, pet lovers, would do anything to keep our fur babies happy. But what about the ones one the street? Who is looking out for them? A little love and care for them would be nice, right?!

Well, YODA (Youth Organisation In Defence Of Animals) is a Khar-based NGO, started in 2010 with a vision to help abandoned/stray animals (dogs and cats). Read on to know more!

Unleash the 'furry'!

Hundreds of animals are abandoned/injured on the streets of Mumbai each month. Most of these animals get left as they are without notice or treatment for days until the injury becomes detrimental. YODA works to solve this problem. 

In 2017, the NGO set up its shelter in Khar to efficiently attend to such animals in distress and give them prompt treatment and rehabilitation. With an 'R3 program', YODA ensures each animal is efficiently rehabilitated & released or rehoused, within 25 days. You can also adopt puppies from its shelter home in Khar and foster a happy difference in the lives of abused or frightened animals.

YODA also conducts educational initiatives in schools, slums, residential areas, and different communities, to inform people about the appropriate actions to take when encountering distressed stray animals.

Knock Knock 

The NGO also often hosts volunteering programs, where you can work alongside YODA’s dedicated staff. Interested? Then make sure you are 16 or above and give them a call.

Otherwise, there are several ways you can contribute to YODA’s mission to alleviate the suffering of animals. You can participate in its animal behavioural workshops or donate on their official website. Follow YODA’s Instagram handle for more updates!

For inquiries call: +91 8899997704

When: 11:00 am to 4:00 pm

Where: Sub Plot, Co-Op Hsg Society, Pragati bungalow Jay Bharat, 29, 3rd Road, Khar West

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