Mithibai Kshitij'23 Extravaganza: Rajan Batra & Shalmali Kholgade perform at Juhu Jagruti Hall
@Ajay Sompura

Mithibai Kshitij'23 Extravaganza: Rajan Batra & Shalmali Kholgade perform at Juhu Jagruti Hall

In this sonic spectacle, the dynamic duo seized the spotlight.

In a musical frenzy hosted by Kshitij'23 at Juhu Jagruti Hall - Mithibai College, Rajan Batra, the lead singer of The Yellow Diary, and the sensational Shalmali Kholgade, teamed up to perform their latest hit, 'Baaki'. Together, Batra and Kholgade orchestrated an auditory storm, infusing the venue with dynamic lights and infectious energy while bringing the campus to life in a harmonious symphony!

Breathtaking 'Baaki' bash!

In this sonic spectacle, the dynamic duo, Shalmali Kholgade and Rajan Batra, seized the spotlight, breathing new life into their latest hit, 'Baaki'. The audience was treated to more than just music; it was an immersive experience for all - a journey into a realm where every note resonated with the collective heartbeat of the city.

The diverse crowd, a kaleidoscope of music enthusiasts, students, and fervent fans, infused the air with excitement, their cheers adding to the rhythm of the night. Shalmali and Rajan effortlessly cast a spell, bridging the gap between the stage and the audience, making it a night that transcended the ordinary.

Prisha Thacker, the Chairperson of Kshitij'23, shared her joy, stating, “Kshitij'23 aims to celebrate talent and creativity in all its forms, and hosting Shalmali Kholgade and Rajan Batra was a testament to that vision. It was a heartwarming spectacle, witnessing the unbridled joy that music brings to people.”

The grand finale of the evening saw Team Kshitij presenting a heartfelt token of appreciation to the esteemed guests, marking the climax of a night that will linger in the memories of those fortunate enough to be part of this musical journey!

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