Mobile 'Haath Gaadi' to a Permanent Stop! Know about Vile Parle's iconic Vada Pav Samrat

Mobile 'Haath Gaadi' to a Permanent Stop! Know about Vile Parle's iconic Vada Pav Samrat

Simple food and great flavours.

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Vile Parle East, right at the corner of Bhogle Chawk, Parle Vada Pav Samrat is sure to catch your attention. This unpretentious yet illustrious eatery has been a consistent source of culinary joy, captivating both locals and wandering souls with its irresistible offerings.

For a solid twenty years, Parle Vada Pav Samrat has been dishing out Mumbai's iconic Vada Pav and an enticing array of pav-based creations, all at pocket-friendly prices. Read to know more!

The owner, Ajeet, has an interesting story to share

The owner, Ajeet, smiles warmly as customers come in to inhale the delightful aroma that wafts from his humble shop. “My father Mancharaam, started selling vada pav out of a hath gaadi right here on the side of this chowk, in 2003,” Ajeet continues, with pride evident in his voice. “After five years of selling on the street, he decided to take a leap and opened a permanent shop at the spot where we are now.”

As we uncover more of Parle Vada Pav Samrat's history, Ajeet reflects, "We've dedicated two decades to honing the craft of Vada Pav. Although my father, the pioneer of this legacy, is no longer with us to witness our journey, his essence resides in every delicious morsel we offer."

Vada Pav starting from ₹18 only

Parle Vada Pav Samrat isn't merely a food establishment; it's a living chapter of Mumbai's culinary heritage. It's a place where the affection for Vada Pav traverses through time, uniting generations. This can be called as the favourite spot of all the locals, college students, office workers, and foodies, as they come here to relish the enduring flavors of Mumbai's iconic street food.

However, Parle Vada Pav Samrat goes beyond the boundaries of Vada Pav while offering an alluring assortment of dishes like bhaji, misal pav, and more. Additionally, for those seeking refreshments, an array of beverages including kokum sharbat, keri panna, lassi, and chhaas are available as well. And the best part? You can indulge in all of these delectable treats, starting at an affordable price of just ₹18, up to a maximum of ₹55.

Knock Knock

With every delectable bite of Samrat's renowned Vada Pav, we are reminded that exceptional food transcends mere ingredients; it's an embodiment of passion, unwavering dedication, and a generous sprinkle of love.

Parle Vada Pav Samrat epitomizes these core principles, standing as an adored culinary landmark in the heart of Vile Parle East. Here, every bite narrates a tale steeped in tradition, family heritage, and an unrelenting quest for gastronomic excellence. Therefore, the next time you're near Bhogle Chawk, be sure to drop by Parle Vada Pav Samrat and relish a slice of Mumbai's culinary legacy.

Address- Bhogle Chawk, Vile Parle East, Mumbai.

Timing- 9:00 am- 10:00 pm daily

With inputs from Mohd. Sohail Khan

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