Moms deserve the best! 7 heartwarming ways to celebrate Mother's Day in Mumbai

Moms deserve the best! 7 heartwarming ways to celebrate Mother's Day in Mumbai

Plan your Sunday, right away.

Mothers—our superheroes who always seem to have a smile on their faces, give the best advice and unconditional love. How could you ever come up with something that would thank them for all they have done?!

Well, Mumbai People, Mother’s Day is just around the corner on May 12 and so is your chance to shower them with unconditional love. So why not prepare a day filled with fun activities? No matter if you are a son, daughter or just a friend who appreciates someone who masters motherhood, here are 7 ideas to make this Mother’s Day unforgettable!

Experience the magic of theatre together 

Treat your mother to a delightful outing at the cherished Prithvi Theatre in Juhu, where creativity thrives with actors from near and far. Catch the screening of Chandu ki Chanchi live on May 12 and indulge in the magic of cinema.

And later on, why not savour a meal with your mother at the adjoining Prithvi Cafe? This vibrant open-walled eatery is abuzz with patrons relishing Irish coffee, desi parathas, pizzas, and more.

Get brunching with Mum

These days, brunching is all the rage, and fortunately, there are plenty of spots where you can relish delicious food, soak in the ambiance, and perhaps even sip on a mimosa! Luckily, Hyatt Centric in Juhu is offering a special Mother’s Day brunch for you to seize. So book your tickets here and prepare to have a gala time!

Become Plant-Parents 

Becoming a plant parent with your mom can be a wonderful bonding experience. Take a trip to the cherished Floraland Nursery, also famous as Jude Nursery in Bandra with your mom, and explore the different varieties of plants and accessories available. First timers can opt for easy-to-care-for plants like pothos, snake plants, or succulents.

Go for Pottery-Therapy

What better way to create lasting memories with your momma, than taking up a creative project together? Pottery classes offer a unique and hands-on experience that will allow you and your mom to unleash your artistic talents while spending quality time together. Fortunately, The Pottery Lab in Bandra west is hosting a workshop this Sunday, from 4 PM to 6 PM. So are you ready to create something beautiful together?!

Go on a shopping-spree

From high-end designer stores in Bandra to the vibrant markets of Linking Road and Hill Road, Mumbai offers a diverse range of shopping experiences. Head over to luxurious brands such as Si Branche, You Only Live Once, and Anokhi in Bandra West and treat your mom with something new or you can also hunt for quirky accessories at the local markets together.

Get a mani-pedi together 

For all those mothers who love to pamper themselves, this option is an undoubtedly ideal present. Bandra boasts of numerous beauty salons like Hakim's Aalim, Dessange Salon & Spa, Juice Salon (to name a few), where your mother can luxuriate in a morning of pampering. And maybe this time you can get matching fingertips to make the occasion even more special.

Ask your Mamma!

Mothers often prioritise the needs of others, setting aside their own wishes. Wouldn't it be a beautiful gesture to simply ask them what they desire, for this Mother’s Day? You might be pleasantly surprised by how little they ask for, yet how much it means to them!

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