MRVC completes FOB construction at Charni Road in Mumbai within 28 days

MRVC completes FOB construction at Charni Road in Mumbai within 28 days

The deadline that was issued for the dismantling and reconstruction of the footbridge and linkway at the Charni Road station was of 45 days.

The Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation (MVRC) halted the movement of the public through the old foot-over bridge at Charni Road Railway Station on October 5 this year. This was done to reconstruct the old FOB and for the creation of a link to the new foot-over bridge. The new FOB connects platforms no. 2 & 3.

For this, a deadline of 45 days was issued to MVRC for the entire dismantling and reconstruction operation. However, the authority has managed to complete the entire task 17 days in advance.

Most of the heavy work was done in night shifts

Reportedly, the Western Suburban Railway station at Charni area of Mumbai now consists of two foot-over bridges on the Northern and Southern ends of the station, which connects platforms 2 & 3. With the newly constructed linkway between the FOBs, the public can move from one bridge to another seamlessly.

Besides setting an example by completing the 40-metre-long FOB and linkway before the estimated deadline, MRVC was also able to complete the project with minimum public hindrance. This was made possible by completing most of the heavy work, involving heavy machinery during the night shifts.

The new foot-over bridge at the Charni Road Railway station is now open for the public and provides a smooth access between the platforms.

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