Mumbai ranks as 5th most congested city in the world, Bangalore, Delhi & Pune among Top-25

Mumbai ranks as 5th most congested city in the world, Bangalore, Delhi & Pune among Top-25

Surprisingly, Bengaluru saw a decline in congestion level when compared to the pre-pandemic level.

World location expertise specialists, TomTom International BV released its traffic index 2021, listing out 25 cities with the maximum traffic problems on Wednesday. Despite the pandemic induced lockdown in India, Mumbai was ranked as the fifth most congested city, in the world, followed by Bengaluru on the tenth spot.

The National Capitation Territory of Delhi also features at number 11 in this index, tailed by Pune at number 21. As per reports, around 404 cities across 58 countries on six continents were under review for these rankings.

Indian cities register decline in traffic congestion

Despite the high rankings on the international list, Indian cities noted a congestion decline in 2021. This may be attributed to the COVID induced lockdowns and curfew-like situations in the past year. As per reports, traffic levels in Mumbai throughout 2021 was 14% lower than the pre-COVOD level. A similar trend was seen in New Delhi, Bengaluru and Pune, at 14% 32% and 29% respectively.

As unpredictability enters the new normal, the state of Indian cities remains stuck in traffic. With an overall shift in global mobility patterns, a need to review traffic conditions has arisen. This includes the implementation of smart traffic management modules and spreading awareness about road sense among people.

Notably, the TomTom Traffic Index 2021 ranks Istanbul at the top spot followed by Moscow and Kyiv for second and third rankings.

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