Mumbai civic body to develop a 17-storey multispeciality hospital in Kamathipura

Mumbai civic body to develop a 17-storey multispeciality hospital in Kamathipura

The 17-storey multispeciality will be the first public hospital to provide care to cancer patients in Mumbai

After years of pending demand, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is set to transform Murli Deora Eye Hospital in Mumbai into a 17-storey multispeciality hospital. Presently operating as the only civic-run eye medical cell, the BMC hospital will become the first in the city to provide cancer palliative care once the facelift is complete. A total of three floors will be dedicated floors for palliative care faciltiy, added reports, which will be able to accommodate around 51 patients.

What will be included in the converted multispeciality hospital?

Initially, Murli Deora Eye Hospital provided subsidised ophthalmological treatment to 200 patients, in the outpatient department. However, with the growing patient load now, a need to expand the hospital has been realised.

The estimated cost for this project will be around ₹84 crores. According to BMC, a land area of about 8644.89 sqm. near the hospital, in Kamathipura has been is taken up by them to expand the eye hospital into a complete multispeciality one.

As per the proposed plan, the upcoming faciltiy will have 102 beds, a dispensary, OPD and a dialysis centre. In addtion to that, it will also feature two floors for the ophthalmology department, chemotherapy, and two training centres.

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