Mumbai News | BMC commences work at city's 100 flood-prone areas, comprising 35% of citizens

Mumbai News | BMC commences work at city's 100 flood-prone areas, comprising 35% of citizens

Efforts have commenced at 72 sites, scheduled to be wrapped up in stages.

On World Environment Day, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) released its inaugural climate budget for 2024-2025, revealing that 35% of Mumbai’s population resides in flood-prone areas. The report identifies 100 flooding hotspots and states that 35% of residents live within 250 square meters of these zones.

Since the BMC has pinpointed 100 additional flood-prone areas, efforts have commenced at 72 sites scheduled to be finished in stages before the arrival of the 2025 monsoon season. Also, BMC authorities are teaming up with both government and private sectors to develop thorough strategies for tackling the remaining flood-prone areas. Additionally, proactive steps are being taken to address potential flooding on properties owned by either the government or private entities, ensuring a cohesive approach to managing flood risks.

To combat these environmental challenges, BMC has also allocated ₹10,224.24 crore for climate initiatives, comprising 32.18% of the total capital expenditure budget. This budget, integrated into the financial framework announced in February, targets five key climate risks, urban heat, flooding, landslides, coastal risks, and air pollution.

Additional Municipal Commissioner Dr. Ashwini Joshi highlighted the focus on eco-friendly projects, noting an extra ₹2,163.8 crore for the Mumbai Climate Action Plan (MCAP), including LED lighting, greenery projects, rooftop solar, and sewage treatment facilities.

Reportedly, BMC aims for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, with interim targets of 30% reduction by 2030 and 44% by 2040 from 2019 levels. Key flooding initiatives include drain cleaning, box drain construction, building pumping stations, and installing floodgates.

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