Mumbai Police appoints inspector at each thana to tackle housing society complaints

Mumbai Police appoints inspector at each thana to tackle housing society complaints

The move intends to ensure that complaints from housing societies are handled effectively.

The Mumbai Police station has adopted a new strategy to pursue complaints from the housing societies in an effective, accurate and prompt manner. As per reports, the department has appointed an inspector-rank officer at each police station in the city to dedicatedly handle the issues that come under the domain of domestic and residential societies in Mumbai. The move is set to improve the face of law and order for the general public significantly.

Nodal officers to look after housing complaints 

Mumbai Police Commissioner Sanjay Pandey during a Facebook live session on last week announced that the Department will be targettedly resolving complaints and issues related to housing societies. He also addressed the lack of personnel in this facet of enforcement during this 30-minute meet.

Mostly, the cop in charge of public relations will be appointed to conduct this duty for all residential establishments under their respective jurisdictions.

A citizen forum for better communication 

Meanwhile, the Police Commissioner also shared the department's plan to set up a citizen forum. This platform will be developed as means to ensure clear and direct communication among the police, civic body (BMC), BEST along with other departments of the administration and representatives of the public.

As per the reports, the forum will be created at two-different level, one for regional communication and another one at the zonal level for a better reach. These forums will support around 60 people at the zonal level and about 15 representatives at the regional level.

For the proper functioning of the new setup, a bill is being drafted to list the role of the citizen forum. This list will also enumerate the ways in which the government departments are expected to address the issues raised by public.

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