Mumbai Police male constabulary may work 8-hour shifts from May 17

Mumbai Police male constabulary may work 8-hour shifts from May 17

Notably, those opting for this reduced shift hour will not be entitled to any weekly offs

Mumbai Police Commissioner Sanjay Prasad recently issued a new order to cut down constabulary shift to 8-hours, instead of the present 12. The change in timings is likely to come into effect from May 17, for male officers of subordinate ranks. However, it may be taken into account that those opting for this compact shift will not be entitled to any weekly offs.

What does the new shift order entail?

While female officers of Mumbai Police personnel are already working 8-hour shifts since International Women’s Day this year and the new order has been moved to bring about the same alteration for men as well.

Mumbai Police personnel of rank sub-inspector and other subordinate levels can now choose to work 12 hours a take 24 hours off the next day. As per reports, the order has been specifically moved for police officers who are posted more than 50km from their residence.

The new order also makes special mention of police personnel over 55 years of age and officers suffering from comorbidities such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. All cops who fall into these categories also have the liberty to either select the 8-hour shift, or the 12-hour shift with a 24-hour break.

Additionally, a graded respite has also been offered to officers deployed on official duties, who will have to work 10 hours of work every day.

12 hours work to continue for:

The shift order further elaborates that the constabulary will have to work 12 hours a day for 15 days every year. These days will be marked in advance, on days of public functions, religious and other festivals in their respective jurisdiction.

Notably, the changed timings will not have an impact on the working schedule of officers working in the motor transport department or security duties. They will continue to work the 12-hour shifts, as suggested by the duty committee under the Additional Commissioner of Police.

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