Mumbai Police prohibits public gatherings in Mumbai till Jan 2 under Section 144

Mumbai Police prohibits public gatherings in Mumbai till Jan 2 under Section 144

Sloganeering, demonstrations, and the performances in public places are also prohibited during this time.

Mumbai Police to the rescue! Prompt and alert, Mumbai police just issued precautionary measures after reports of disruptions of public order and peace in Mumbai were reported, posing threats to human life and property. The police administration has announced restrictions u/s 144 of The Code of Criminal Procedure, till January 2, along with a curfew in Mumbai, which prohibits assembly of 5 or more people. Further, an arms ban has been implemented during the same period.

What more is prohibited in Mumbai till January 2nd!

In a press release, the Deputy Commissioner of Mumbai Police's Mission Department, announced the following restrictions in the city until January 2.

  • Bursting crackers and playing loudspeakers, instruments and bands.

  • Any kind of processions, such as wedding ceremonies, funerals, large-scale meetings of companies, clubs, cooperative societies, etc.

  • Social gatherings of mass level, around clubs, theatres or places of public entertainment, in or around any place.

  • A group of five or more people gathered around courts, government offices, local bodies performing government or semi-government functions, meeting for schools, colleges and other educational institutions for educational activities, factories, general business.

  • Meetings for business and solicitation in shops and establishments.

  • Carrying of firearms, swords, or any other weapons not permitted.

Reportedly, there will be strict consequences for those who violate the orders, according to the Mumbai Police's press release. The order to stay effective from December 4 to January 2!

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