Mumbai to host India's first international AVGC-XR festival 'AniMela' in January 2024

Mumbai to host India's first international AVGC-XR festival 'AniMela' in January 2024

India's leap towards global AVGC-XR dominance.

In a groundbreaking move for India's Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, Comics, and Extended Reality (AVGC-XR) industry, the Animation, Visual Arts & Film (AVAF) Foundation has proudly unveiled the debut edition of AniMela – India's premier international AVGC-XR festival. It is set to take place from January 18th to 21st, 2024, at the National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) in Mumbai.

The festival promises four exhilarating days of film screenings, knowledge-sharing sessions, immersive experience zones, VFX showcases, and a platform for comic book and graphic novel creators.

Paving the Way for India's Global Dominance in AVGC-XR

AniMela, a collaborative effort with the Government of India's Information & Broadcasting Ministry and the Annecy International Animation Festival, seeks to celebrate India's creative and technological strides in the global Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, Comics and Extended Reality (AVGC-XR) Festival. Festival Director Kireet Khurana highlighted the importance of aligning with the "Make-In-India" initiative, emphasising the need for India to establish itself as a creator of world-class content.

With a mission to showcase India's untapped creative potential and technological expertise, AniMela aims to shift the narrative from India being perceived solely as a support hub for Western studios to a front-running creator-industry. By bringing together global industry veterans and emerging Indian talents, the festival aspires to propel the nation into the global AVGC-XR landscape, making it a hub for original, internationally recognised content.

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