Mumbaikars, check out THESE 7 lesser-known facts about Mumbai!

Mumbaikars, check out THESE 7 lesser-known facts about Mumbai!

Mumbai is the birthplace of 'many firsts' in India.

The birthplace of 'many firsts' in India, Mumbai has been at the center of everything that happens in India, over the years! But how much do you really know about your city's longstanding history? Let's test it with these 9 interesting facts about Mumbai!

The name 'Bombay' came from a Portuguese writer

Do you know where does Mumbai's old name 'Bombay' come from? It comes from a Portuguese writer, Gaspar Correia, who authored Legends of India. In that book, he referred to Mumbai as 'Bom Baim' (meaning 'good bay'). The Britishers then anglicized it to 'Bombay' in the 17th century.

India's first-ever train started from Mumbai

Mumbai is where it all started for Indian Railways. After all, India first ever train ran between Bori Bunder station of Bombay to Thane on April 16, 1853. The train covered a distance of 34 kilometres, carrying 400 passengers.

World's 2nd most expensive house is in Mumbai

After the Buckingham Palace, Mukesh Ambani's Antilia is the world's second most expensive house. The 27-story house boasts dance studios, a hanging garden, health spa and a special snow room, and much much more. Trust us, we can write an entire article on this mega-house itself!

Home to Asia's largest slum, Dharavi

The rich-poor contrast in Mumbai is unlike anywhere else on the planet. Besides being home to the world's second most expensive house, Mumbai also holds Asia's largest slum, Dharavi. Spanning across 535 acres, Dharavi has a massive population density of 869,565 people/square mile.

Mumbai's Dabbawallas are 'Six Sigma Certified'

Did you know? Mumbai's unique lunchbox delivery system, 'Dabbawallas', has been a subject of a Harvard Business School study. Starting way back in 1890, Dabbawallas boast an accuracy of 99.67%. This supply chain is Six Sigma Certified, which means, the error ratio of Dabbawallas is 1 in 16 million, i.e., 1 mistake in 1,60,00,000 tiffin. Surprising part? This is all without the use of any form of technology. No wonder it is touted as "world's best supply chain"!

Birthplace of 'The Jungle Book' author

Mumbai is the birthplace of many influential personalities and the list also includes Rudyard Kipling. Yes! One of the world's most renowned writers was born in Mumbai (then Bombay) in the year 1865. Kipling also worked for Anglo-Indian newspapers, when he returned to India in 1882.

There's a 66 million-year-old hill in the Maximum City

The Gilbert Hill in Mumbai's Andheri, which stands as high as 61 meters, is 66 million years old, reportedly. This monolithic basalt hill, which has now been declared a national park, was formed from molten lava squeezing out of the earth's clefts.

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