Mumbai's CSMIA now rain-ready, as monsoon maintenance works concludes!

Mumbai's CSMIA now rain-ready, as monsoon maintenance works concludes!

MIAL had scheduled a six-hour closure from 11 AM.

The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) in Mumbai successfully concluded its monsoon repair and maintenance operations on Thursday evening, allowing for the resumption of normal flight operations from 5 PM onwards. Both runways, RWY 14/32 & 09/27, underwent thorough assessments and evaluations, and are now fully ready for the rains, stated Mumbai International Airport Ltd (MIAL).

The airport operator, Mumbai International Airport Ltd (MIAL), had announced a six-hour closure of airside operations for runway repair and maintenance, starting at 11:00 am.

Swift maintenance efforts for uninterrupted operations

CSMIA, the busiest single-runway airport globally, handles over 950 air traffic movements daily. Monsoon maintenance aims for operational efficiency and passenger convenience, focusing on resilience against Mumbai rains.

Preventive actions were taken by the airport operator to address annual monsoon challenges, including multiple runway inspections and implementing various pre-monsoon measures.

Additionally, the maintenance crew inspected and cleaned 2000 drains and duct banks, ensuring the proper functioning of essential systems. The annual monsoon maintenance aims to maintain uninterrupted operations, ensuring flight schedules remain unaffected by adverse weather conditions.

Managed by Adani Airport Holdings Limited in a Public-Private Partnership with the Airports Authority of India, MIAL had provided a prior notice on April 15, detailing the maintenance work.

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