Mumbai's ITC Maratha Sunday Brunch: Chef Aditi Chatterjee reveals why foodies must not miss it!

Mumbai's ITC Maratha Sunday Brunch: Chef Aditi Chatterjee reveals why foodies must not miss it!

Know what's cooking.

Mumbai's luxurious ITC Maratha, renowned for its hospitality, surprises not only with its exquisite accommodations but also with its delectable Sunday brunches. The recent Kerala Sunday Brunch at Peshwa Pavilion showcased a culinary journey through Kerala's flavours, from Malabar Parotta to Thalassery Biriyani. With a tantalising array of dishes and an extensive mango-based dessert buffet, guests savoured the essence of coastal cuisine.

But the excitement doesn't stop there! Head Chef Aditi Chatterjee, in an exclusive conversation with Knocksense over hearty Kerala food, spilled the beans about ITC's upcoming Italian Gourmet Festival and so much more.

"...variety, flavour and value for money"

Q. What is the idea behind ITC's Sunday Brunch?

Aditi humbly shares, "So the whole idea behind doing the Sunday brunch is that we at ITC hotels believe in offering our guests with really delicious flavours from our local areas as well as international cuisine. So for this Sunday brunch, we decided to do the Kerala theme because it's a flavour that resonates very well with the entire state of Maharashtra as the food is pretty similar. But there are still some certain nuances that people really appreciate, and those who know how coastal food is supposed to taste, they are actually appreciating the buffet spread that we have here."

Adding further, she states, "We have incorporated southern flavours into our different sections of the buffet and we've also put them into our grills. The grilled dishes especially have a very beautiful southern spice to it than your usual flavourings of salt, pepper, chilli flakes and oregano. And we like to offer our guests with a wide variety available on the buffet apart from the regular main course, so they can also enjoy them in the other sections as well.

Q. Three words to describe ITC's brunch?

 "So it'll be variety, flavour and value for money", mentions Aditi.

Q. One dish from the menu that you could eat every day?

Aditi states, "So to be very honest, we do these really amazing grills on our Sunday brunch where you have baby lobsters, prawns, fish, chicken, and there are other vegetarian offerings as well. So it's a whole concept in one where you get to have your different meats with different marinades. So this is obviously my go-to as always."

Q. Top recommendations?

Aditi shares, "As a part of our Sunday brunch offering, we also showcase some local Maharashtrian cuisine and this is that one thing that I will always recommend people to come and give a try. She adds, "Also, our desserts are delicious, so that's one thing that you should not miss ever. And yes, it's the season of mangoes. So we've done a very extensive mango based dessert buffet today. So if you go to see, we've got some cheesecake, you've got some delicious gatos, you have some tarts, and there's much more. So that's one thing that you should not miss ever."

Q. USPs you would like us to emphasise?

Aditi tells us, "We have an elaborate dessert counter, a live grill section wherein you can choose the meats and the marinades that you would like. And they are grilled right in front of you. We do a delicious dessert live counter wherein it changes from pancakes to churros and waffles. Also, we have a really delicious chaat counter wherein you can curate chaat the way that you like, either sweet or spicy or a mix of both.

Q. Any exclusive sneak peek that you would like to give us?

Aditi shares, "So if I may tell you a small sneak peek about this -- we're going to be doing an Italian Food Festival this coming weekend, which starts on a Friday, Saturday for dinner and it's exclusively available for a Sunday brunch. So you must not miss out on this because we'd be having some delicious desserts and some pizzas too!"

Coming up next: Italian Gourmet Food Fest!

Also, don't forget to mark your calendars for the upcoming Italian Gourmet Festival at Peshwa Pavilion, this coming weekend. You can expect delicious desserts, flavourful spaghetti, pizzas and much more!

To be a part of this fest, you can head out for a dinner date with your partner on Friday, savour a family dinner on Saturday or opt for a brunch on Sunday. So, this coming weekend, experience culinary delight at Peshwa Pavilion - ITC Maratha and don't forget to say "hi' to the jovial Chef Chatterjee!

When- May 3 - May 5, 2024 | 7:00 PM-11:00 PM

Location- Peshwa Pavilion - ITC Maratha, Ashok Nagar, Andheri East, Mumbai

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