Mumbai's Staples by Comida & Co. has JUST launched THESE infused-butter & mustard jars!

Mumbai's Staples by Comida & Co. has JUST launched THESE infused-butter & mustard jars!

Staples delivers all across Mumbai.

As many of us would agree, condiments like butter and mustard can add instant flavour and a general mmm-ness to any snack. But given the umpteen brands of condiments lining grocery store shelves, is there any that truly stands out?

Well, Mumbai's Staples by Comida & Co. does and it is our current favourite! With options available in both butter and mustard bases, this brand has surely and pleasantly surprised us.

Everything’s ‘butter’ with Staples!

When it comes to Staples’ star condiment, the brand's Crispy Chilli & Fried Onion Butter (₹355) has us drooling! Infused with the goodness of garlic, onions and other seasonings, this butter can be paired with a bowl of nachos. Moreover, Staples’ Goan Chorizo Butter (₹365), packed with smoky rich, chorizo flavours and subtle spices, is another crowd favourite!

But if you're looking for a jar of subtly sweet spread, try Staples’ Honey Cinnamon Butter (₹345), which goes well with fresh bread and warm pancakes. For folks who prefer strong flavours, Staples’ Coarse Ground Mustard (₹275) and the Honey Mustard (₹275) variant, are two other must-haves. Both of these condiments present a perfect balance of mustard, which is a rarity among the available options in the market!

In conversation with Knocksense, owner Calvin explained “The idea behind the brand was to be a primary staple in every pantry. Different from what’s already available in the market, Staples caters to a niche audience with a taste preference”.

So far, Staples by Comida & Co. has been dealing in a range of butters and mustards. Nevertheless, the brand soon plans to launch a variety of mayonnaise, and salad dressings, to bless our taste buds!

Knock Knock 

Staples’ condiments can be used to enhance any sort of dish, especially savoury ones - trust us because we speak from experience! Try slathering the Fried Onion Butter on a cob or melting the Goan Chorizo Butter over sautéed veggies. And we know you're gonna be a fan, at the first bite - just like we are!

Oh and the best part? The brand delivers all across Mumbai and if you stay in and around Bandra or Andheri W, you can expect your order within 40 minutes of placing it! Follow Staples' Instagram for more details.

PS: Don’t forget to store the products in a cool place, for longer shelf life.

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