New HVDC transmission link will bring increased electricity to Mumbai

New HVDC transmission link will bring increased electricity to Mumbai

Adani Electricity has tied a deal with Hitachi Energy to bring 1,000 MW of electricity

With the increase in the electricity consumption in Mumbai, a branch of Adani Transmission Ltd. signed a deal with Hitachi Energy to bring a new High-Voltage Direct Current or the HVDC transmission link, which will supply around 1,000 Megawatt (MW) of extra electricity. This HVDC transmission system will link Kudus to Mumbai, increasing power from outside the city by almost 50% and ensuring a solid power supply in the city.

Mumbai consumed more electricity this summer

Mumbai is one of the world’s most populated cities, with a population of almost 21 million. The city witnessed the peak demand of over 3,800 MW of electricity in summer 2022. The link deal between Adani and Hitachi will help the Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Company Limited (MSETCL) reduce the tripping of its transmission lines.

With a highly compact transmission system and HVDC technology, large volumes of high-quality electricity can be supplied where they are most required, with total control. Andreas Berthou, Global Product Group Manager of HVDC and HVDC Service of Hitachi Energy’s Grid Integration business, said, “Our HVDC systems have tremendous potential for bringing large amounts of electricity directly into cities, such as Mumbai, where it is needed most, but space is severely limited.”

According to the statement by Hitachi Energy, the HVDC transmission link system will have a stretch of 50-kilometer underground cables, saving almost 2.3 sq. km of space in the city.

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