New in Juhu | From delish food to Instagram-worthy backdrops, Tuya's does it all

New in Juhu | From delish food to Instagram-worthy backdrops, Tuya's does it all

Looking for a date place, or a family brunch- Tuya's is the place to be!

Located in Juhu, Tuya's has burst onto the culinary scene, declaring with flair, "What's ours is yours!" This spot is more than just a restaurant; it's an eclectic blend of flavours, styles, and vibes.

Wondering what Tuya's means? It's a Spanish word which means, 'Yours'. The name is a testament to the restaurant's philosophy: every dish, every sip, every moment is meant to be yours, an experience to savour and share.

What's Theirs is Truly Yours!

Dive into a menu that's as diverse as a kaleidoscope. Tuya's is your ticket to a world tour of flavours, boasting North Indian delights, Italian dishes and Continental wonders! And for those keeping it light, there's a garden of salads waiting to be explored. Tuya's is where every bite tells a delish story.

With the perfect ambiance to unwind and relax, Tuya's boasts two distinct sections — indoors and outdoors. But wait, the outdoor space comes with a twist! It is further divided into two sections, each with its own charm.

The adventure doesn't stop at the food; it extends to the bars as well! Tuya's offers not just one, but two bars. So be it for a cocktail connoisseur or a beer lover, Tuya's has it all for everyone!

We tried out Tuya's Love for Nachos (₹425), Chilli and Paprika Hummus with Pita (₹425), Seven Layer Dahi Chaat (₹350), Veg Crystal Dimsum (₹450), classic Margherita (₹550), and of course, a Bellini. Every bite of each dish, was worth all the wait!

Knock Knock

Hence, no need to argue over where to go, when in Juhu because Tuya's does it all. Italian date night? Check. North Indian family feast? Double-check. Continental brunch with friends? Triple-check. This is your culinary playground!

So, if you're in Juhu and the question is, "Where to eat?" The answer is simple, Tuya's. Because here, what's theirs is truly yours, and every bite is an invitation to indulge in the global symphony of tastes.

Cost for two- ₹1,000 (approx.) Without alcohol

Timings- 12 Noon- 1:30 AM

Location- Gymkhana Building, Vithal Nagar, N S Road 13, Juhu, Mumbai

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