New in Khar: Pret A Manger is here with its 100% organic coffee & fresh, handmade food

New in Khar: Pret A Manger is here with its 100% organic coffee & fresh, handmade food

Following its success in BKC, Pret A Manger is now in Khar.

Coffee lovers, brace yourselves for a delightful treat! Pret A Manger has just debuted in Khar, carrying its almost 40-year-old British legacy with itself, which has already won hearts in BKC. This café, celebrated for its unwavering commitment to quality, doesn't just serve your regular cup of joe; it brings forth 100% organic brews crafted from locally sourced ingredients.

It's coffee bliss here!

Let's talk about the true hero at Pret – its coffee. Pret A Manger doesn't just serve coffee, it crafts an experience. The dedication to delivering exceptional coffee is evident in every rich and aromatic cup that graces their menu.

And here's the twist – while coffee steals the spotlight, it's not the only star. Pret's menu is a delightful symphony of cold sandwiches, salads and pastries, each meticulously prepared with utmost care. So, whether you're seeking a quick caffeine fix or a hearty meal, this new gem in Khar has got all your cravings covered.

Avail these fantastic Pret offers!

From 9 PM onwards, RBL employees can relish a meal for just ₹99. There's also a UNO DISCOUNT, that provides a combined 40% discount on food and a 20% discount on beverages, throughout the day.

For Non-RBL customers, ordering two food items comes with a fantastic offer! Diners here can enjoy the second item at a 50% discount, after 8 PM.

Knock Knock

So when the unmistakable coffee craving strikes, make a straight dash to Khar's Pret A Manger. With its carefully crafted brews and delightful bites, each visit becomes a memorable experience!

Location- Beside Gabbana House Apartment, 15th Rd, Khar West, Mumbai

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