Now fly between Mumbai-Vietnam via direct flights

Now fly between Mumbai-Vietnam via direct flights

Passengers can directly from Mumbai to Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi in Vietnam with these uninterrupted flights

Alternative: Hodophiles rejoice! You can directly fly from Mumbai to Vietnam, soon!

In a first of its kind convenience, travel-bugs flying from Mumbai to Vietnam will be able to onboard direct flights. Hitting the runway of easy transfers and tourism, Vietjet - a Vietnamese carrier has announced uninterrupted shuttle between Mumbai to Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, truly making the world a global village. As per reports, these are the only flights as of date that connect Mumbai to Vietnam directly.

Check out the flight frequency here: 

As per the flight schedule, around 4 services will fly between Mumbai to Ho Chi Minh, in a week. For Hanoi, the present log accommodates about 3 weekly services. Reportedly, the plan of action further includes the commissioning of 4 round-trip flights from Mumbai to Phu Quoc, September onwards.

These direct flights are touted to reduce transit time, encouraging more travellers to visit Vietnam. This effective ease of travel during the Summer-vacation spell will further give a boost to the popularity of tourism sector, in both India and Vietnam, added reports.

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