Once a protected historical precinct, Khotachi Wadi's lanes bring a slice of Goa to Mumbai

Once a protected historical precinct, Khotachi Wadi's lanes bring a slice of Goa to Mumbai

This picturesque village was declared as a heritage precinct in 1995.

Nestled in the bustling streets of Girgaon, is the timeless heritage village of Khotachi Wadi, often described as a living slice of Goa in Bombay. This charming Portuguese-Catholic hamlet captivates with its vibrant bungalows, jovial locals, and delicious food.

Khotachi Wadi was founded in the late 18th century and it still evokes memories of a time when landline numbers carried significance, every resident was known by name to vegetable vendors, and the rents for lifelong locals remained between ₹500-₹1,000. Allow us to unravel this gem for you!

A place marked by wooden facades, vibrant colours and quaint balconies

Khotachi Wadi, a charming Mumbai village, battles urbanisation's threat as high-rises encroach upon its historic homes. Originally declared as a heritage precinct in 1995 but stripped of that status in 2006, it's now a preservation struggle. This 18th-century village once boasted 65 unique houses; today, only 28 remain.

Wandering its narrow, crowded streets, you step back in time. Wooden facades, vibrant colours, and quaint balconies exude nostalgia, a rare sight in Mumbai. A photographer's paradise and architecture student's inspiration.

Amid this, the 47-A design gallery by Baro Market and Chatterjee & Lal blends seamlessly, showcasing Khotachiwadi's rich history. And while you're here, you can explore Film City in Goregaon, or visit Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, just 4 kms away.

In Khotachi Wadi, you'll be fully immersed in Goan culture, from the way residents dress to the delightful scent of homemade Goan cuisine. Plus, its proximity to Charni Road station ensures easy access for both locals and tourists.

Knock Kncok

Christmas is the perfect time to explore Khotachi Wadi, with houses decked in lights and the sound of Marathi Christmas carols in the air. However, any pleasant day can be picked, to drop by and explore the area. Here, visitors can spend an evening taking a leisurely walk, visiting the chapel, appreciating the charming cottages, and maybe relaxing on a bench, discovering a touch of Goa in the heart of Mumbai.

Khotachi Wadi goes beyond its stunning architecture; it's a vibrant tribute to the cultural fusion and resilience of its residents. Here, traditional values and contemporary dreams harmonise effortlessly.

Amid Mumbai's rapid urbanisation, Khotachi Wadi stands as a reminder of the need to protect our cultural legacy. It demonstrates that even in a dynamic metropolis like Mumbai, pockets of history persist, offering a connection to the city's enduring, rich past.

Location- Girgaum in South Bombay

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