Once and 'floral', Bandra’s Green Mumbai Nursery is here for all your plant-parenting needs!

Once and 'floral', Bandra’s Green Mumbai Nursery is here for all your plant-parenting needs!

This nursery promises home delivery of plants, anywhere in Mumbai - within 24 hours.

One simply cannot put together an aesthetic place these days, without infusing a few plants, here and there. Whether potted or planted, pokey or lush, plants are a must-have in our home/office spaces. Extra points if they are planted in the kitchen, double for plants in washrooms and triple for plants in every room! Don’t you agree with us?

So here we bring you Green Mumbai Nursery - a wholesale plant nursery in Bandra, for all your plant-parenting needs. Read on to know all about the brand and why we're obsessed!

Have you 'botany' plants lately?

Green Mumbai Nursery carries a great selection of indoor and outdoor plants such as succulents, orchids and roses. If you follow their Insta-handle, you‘ll notice that they also keep related items, such as soil, decorative stones and solid/multicolour pots for all your landscaping needs. 

It is easy to spend half a day at Green Mumbai Nursery, just walking around, posing and clicking pictures. The place is so relaxing that you will forget you are amid the chaotic traffic of Mumbai.

Our recent companion from here is the laceleaf Anthurium Plant, which has added a subtle colour and oodles of charms to our abode. Some exotic species that you can find here are: Krishna Kamal, Ixora Plant, Poinsettia Plant, among others. The garden centre also promises home delivery of your plants anywhere in Mumbai within 24 hours.

Knock Knock

Well, apart from aesthetics, there is no doubt that having greenery in your house will do wonders! From improving indoor air quality to soothing your skin, you simply can’t go without some of these refreshing partners. So what are you waiting for? Say YAAAS to housing a few plant-astic members right away!

Contact: 09323238569, 09867859394 

Timings: Monday-Saturday 7am to 8pm | Sunday 7am to 7pm

Address: 11 - D Happy Home, Hill Road, near Benmar Housing Society, Bandra West, Mumbai.

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