Over 500 smart traffic light signals to be installed across Mumbai

Over 500 smart traffic light signals to be installed across Mumbai

In an attempt to streamline the age-old traffic problem in the city of Mumbai, 500+ smart traffic lights are planned to be installed across the city.

The bustling city of Mumbai has been riddled with the problem of congested traffic for decades, and it is finally the time to rid the city of it. The traffic management system of the city is seeing a brand new upgrade with the future installation of over 500 new smart traffic lights throughout the metropolis. The main agenda behind this plan is to be able to provide a seamless and relatively safe commute for fellow motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.

Purpose of the smart traffic lights

According to the latest reports, the Mumbai Traffic Police Department is in the final stages of planning the installation of these smart traffic light signals, with the locations now being finalized. These modernised signals come equipped with LED lights, timers for countdowns, and real-time monitoring systems which are bound to improve upon the efficiency of the management system for the traffic.

Another revolutionary feature these signals will come equipped with are the emergency vehicle pre-emption. With the help of this, clear roadways can be established in order to help the emergency vehicles such as ambulances and fire engines reach their destination quickly. The synchronisation aspect of these signals are set to improve upon the flow of the traffic and minimize the congestion by as much is possible.

Knock Knock

All new traffic signals are going to be extremely helpful in managing the traffic and maintaining the safety of all those making use of the road. Various departments have shown their confidence in these systems, and are expecting it to bring about a hassle-free traffic experience all across the city.

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