Preserving memories since 1963, Novelty in Khar frames tangible souvenirs!

Preserving memories since 1963, Novelty in Khar frames tangible souvenirs!

Here's to a world where frames are more than just home decor,

Nestled in a quaint corner near Khar Railway Station, Novelty Foto Frame Makers stands humbly with a 60-year history. This unassuming little shop, specialising in photo frame making, has become a cherished destination for frame enthusiasts, over the past six decades. Stepping into the world of Novelty Foto Frame Makers, is like stepping into a treasure trove of memories and craftsmanship.

Making Memories, Since 1963

This shop was founded by 'dreamer and doer', Shivraj Ahirwar but now, it’s Shivraj’s son, Dhanraj, who continues his father’s legacy. Dhanraj is presently keeping the essence of the artistry alive, that’s always been the signature of this shop. The passing of the baton from dad to son isn’t just a change of ownership. It’s a continuation of the passion and commitment to the craft.

Further, in a world where the convenience of online shopping has completely changed the way we shop, Novelty Foto Makers stands as an example of the timeless charm of traditional craftsmanship. Reflecting on how the digital age has affected businesses like his, Dhanraj mentioned, "Online shopping has impacted our business, but thanks to our loyal customers, we are able to stay afloat," he says.

However, the heart and soul of Novelty Foto Makers is Suresh - the shop's dedicated assistant for the past 30 years. In a conversation with Knocksense, Suresh smiles and says, “We have a wide range of frames for all your needs. Whether you need mounting frames, frameless frames, glass-encased frames, open designs, etc., we always are here for you!”

A Tangible Souvenir

In addition to the heritage of this shop, one of the most distinguishing features of Novelty Foto Makers is the cost-effectiveness of the products. In this regard, Dhanraj stated, “Our making charge begins from Rs. 5 per inch and it doesn't get any cheaper than this! This affordability ensures that in this ever-evolving digital world, people are able to have a tangible souvenir of their memories, at pocket-friendly prices."

Safeguard Your Memories For The Future

Therefore, if you are near Khar Railway Station, be sure to pay a visit to Novelty Foto Makers - just to soak in the history or have a look around the frames. Here, you can enter a world where frames are no longer mere accessories, but rather vessels that hold your memories, safeguarding them for future generations.

Address- Suraj Pati Bhaun, Chitrakar Dhurandhar Rd, Khar, Ram Krishna Nagar, Khar East, Mumbai

Timing- 9:30 am- 9:30 pm (Sunday closed)

- With inputs from Sohail Khan

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