Rice, Rice Baby! Know about this legendary 20-YO eatery in Bandra, specialising in Schezwan Rice

Rice, Rice Baby! Know about this legendary 20-YO eatery in Bandra, specialising in Schezwan Rice

The mere mention of this spot triggers cravings!

Located in the winding gullies of Bandra, Ravi Rice is like that secret foodie spot which only the OGs of the locality know about! The wizard pulling the strings in this cosy corner is none other than Ravendra Raghojadhav, who kicked off this flavour-packed adventure two decades back.

Ravi Rice started as a budget-friendly food spot for broke college students, dishing out mouthwatering treats for just ₹10. Fast forward to now, this eatery is a local legend but also kind of a hidden gem!

Ravi Rice's 20-Year Legacy of Iconic Flavours

Ravi's claim to fame lies in his personally crafted Schezwan Rice and Noodles. These dishes, particularly the Egg Schezwan Rice at ₹130 and Chicken Schezwan Rice, priced at ₹180, have become iconic. The mere mention of Ravi Rice triggers cravings among not only cash-strapped college students but a diverse crowd, seeking the irresistible taste of his specialties.

With two bustling outposts in Bandra's Pali Village and MMK College, Ravi and his dynamic team of seven, tirelessly cater to the cravings of enthusiastic visitors. Despite the modest size of the setup, the air is electric with activity as benches and tables swiftly occupy with eager diners. It's not merely a meal; it's a savoury experience that has withstood the sands of time, transforming Ravi Rice into an adored foodie spot nestled in the heart of Bandra.

Knock Knock

Ravendra Raghojadhav's journey, from a modest beginning to a culinary institution, in the gullies of Bandra is a saga of taste, affordability, and community. As the aroma of Schezwan rice and noodles continues to draw in patrons from college students to seasoned food enthusiasts.

So, whether you're chasing nostalgia from your college days or simply seeking a taste of authentic street food, Ravi Rice promises an experience that transcends the confines of its unassuming room.

Location- Ravi Rice- Pali Village, Bandra (8 PM-12:30 AM)

MMK College, 37th Road (10 AM- 6PM)

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