Run by 123 women, Khar’s 100-yo Danda Fish Market tables pocket-friendly & fresh seafood!

Run by 123 women, Khar’s 100-yo Danda Fish Market tables pocket-friendly & fresh seafood!

Are you ready for some fin-tastic seafood?

Located in Khar, Danda Fish Market is one of the biggest wholesale fish and seafood markets in Mumbai. The best part you ask? This century-old market is run by a group of 123 women [mostly Kolis] dressed in vibrant sarees, who have invested generations in the seafood trade. Read on to know more about this famous market in Khar, which is just steps away from the seafront.

We are ‘hooked’!

Reportedly, Kolis claim to be the original inhabitants of Mumbai, who live all across the city in specific areas, called Koliwada. Each Koliwada has a fish market. Similarly, the Koliwada at Khar's Danda Road has a designated place for this fish market maintained entirely by women. As you enter this fish market you'll be greeted by the stench of thousands of fresh fish in the air. And what better place to sell fish than a place named ‘Khar' drawn from a Marathi word ’khara’, meaning 'salty'.

In conversation with Knocksense, one of the ladies named Kunda mentioned, “This fish market is approximately 100 years old and one of the largest in Mumbai. We source the fishes from Crawford Market and the rates vary day to day”. Even though the market starts operations from 10 am till 11 am, for these women, the exchange starts in the wee hours. They get up at 3 am, plod to either Sassoon Dock, Malad, Madh, or other docks to collect different kinds of fish for their customers. 

Once here, you’ll find more than a hundred different varieties of seafood such as Crabs for ₹400 per piece, Salmon at ₹800/kg, Pomfret at ₹400/kg, Prawns at ₹500/kg and YES snail too, at ₹150 per plate. Also, freshwater Rohu is available for just ₹160/kg. These are average rates as the price list here is dynamic. This market makes for a good replacement for the otherwise expensive stand-alone sellers.

Hypnotised by the smell of blood and the sight of flesh, cats and vultures are regular visitants here. You’ll often find these lovely women here giving the cats a fish or two, that they happily lap up and then nap.

Timing: 11:00 AM onwards

Address: 1, Govind Patil Rd, Pyari Nagar, Koliwada, Khar Danda, Mumbai

[Inputs by Sohail Khan]


Which is the nearest bus stop to Khar Danda Fish Market?


The nearest bus stop to Khar Danda Fish Market is Dandpada in Andheri West.

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