Savour wholesome, hot bowls of comfort food at Bandra's iconic Nanu Paya!

Savour wholesome, hot bowls of comfort food at Bandra's iconic Nanu Paya!

The restaurant caters to a diverse set of palates.

Looking for some healthy, comfort food? Turn to Bandra's Nanu Paya, famous for its wholesome hot bowls of Paya Soup! Nanu Paya's recipes have roots in centuries-old recipes, that have been passed down from generation to generation. Today, Nanu Paya honours this rich culinary heritage, by faithfully replicating the flavours that have soothed people for decades now. Read on!

The magic of Paya Soup!

The star of Nanu Paya's menu is undoubtedly the Paya Soup. Paya, also known as Nihari, is a dish that has long been a staple in the cuisine of South Asian nations, particularly in India and Pakistan. Given its health benefits [if made right] and affordability, this soup is consumed by all.

Nanu's Paya Soup is made from the slow-cooking of trotters and leg bones of lamb/beef/mutton - simmered for an extended period of time in a mixture of aromatic spices. This soup is mainly characterised by its delectable flavours, warm and comforting texture, and a long-standing tradition that goes back centuries.

Paya Soups are usually healthy and hearty, which warm up the body and the soul. This is also why it is heavily consumed during winters.

Beyond Paya Soup

While Paya Soup is the star of the show, the rest of the menu is equally delicious. From Kheema Paav to Mutton Chaaps and aromatic pan-tossed Rice Mutton Mince to delectable soups, Nanu Paya's menu serves it all. The restaurant caters to a diverse set of palates, surely!

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Paya Soup
Paya Soup

Nanu Paya is a must-stop for foodies in Mumbai - especially for the Paya Soup and of course, the assorted menu! So, when here in Bandra, make sure to grab a bowl of Nanu's famous Paya Soup, irrespective of the weather - it's a tradition that won't ever go out of style!

Where- B-01, Plot 78, Isabella CHSL, Dr Ambedkar Road, Pali Hill, Bandra West, Mumbai

2nd outlet: Shop no. 9, Safal Pride CHS, Plot No.1, Sector 25, Nerul, Navi Mumbai

Opens- 12:30 pm- 11:00 pm

Cost for two- ₹550 (approx.)

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