Schools to start at 9 AM or later for pre-primary to Class 4 in Maharashtra

Schools to start at 9 AM or later for pre-primary to Class 4 in Maharashtra

This move aims at emphasising children's well-being.

With a focus on children's health and adaptability to modern lives, the Maharashtra State Education Department has announced a significant change to school schedules. Students in pre-primary to class 4, in all schools, regardless of board affiliation, will no longer start classes earlier than 9 AM. Further, the classes need to be over at 2 PM, for the academic year 2024–2025.

Prioritising the welfare of young ones

A Government Resolution (GR) released on Thursday emphasised the need for this adjustment, citing worries that children's lack of sleep can result in problems with their physical and mental health. The Government Resolution (GR) additionally stipulates that the modification must not disrupt the designated instructional hours for other classes, as outlined in the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009.

In the past, Maharashtra's Governor had pushed for these modifications, acknowledging that children's sleep patterns were changing and that they are frequently engaged in late-night activities. Stakeholders response to this decision, however, has been conflicting.

The president of the India Wide Parents Association, Anubha Sahay, shared concerns about upsetting parental work schedules and established routines. On the other hand, Dr. Swati Popat, the president of the Early Childhood Association, highlights the significance of taking logistical challenges and flexibility into account.

The GR also permits discussions between schools and local education authorities to address particular concerns and make necessary adjustments, acknowledging the varied needs of parents and schools.

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