Serving regional Indian Cuisine, Goa's much-loved Bawri finds home in Mumbai's BKC

Serving regional Indian Cuisine, Goa's much-loved Bawri finds home in Mumbai's BKC

Chef Amninder's menu weaves flavours from various corners of India.

Bawri, a popular Goan restaurant, has opened up in BKC, much to the delight of foodies in Mumbai. This isn't just a restaurant but a salute to India's vastness and culinary charisma. Bawri stitches together towns, rituals, traditions, cultures, and regions into a spicy tapestry of khana and khatirdaari.

Dive into Chef Amninder's culinary escapade showcased on the menu, an enchanting compilation of heirloom recipes and flavours that groove from Punjab to North East India and rural adventures. It's a whole vibe – a commitment to healthy, kick-butt cuisine crafted with seed-free oils and ethically sourced goodies.

Enjoy the Rustic Flavours and Chic Vibes!

At Bawri, every plate is a party, a fusion of flavours and textures dancing through India's diverse culinary playground. As you step into Bawri, you're stepping into a heightened experience. The grand doors swing open, revealing a chic haven with options ranging from a bustling central bar to intimate cabanas and floor seating, striking a balance between grandeur and homely comfort.

Bawri promises a taste journey like no other, with ingredients plucked from every corner of India, blending tradition with innovation. Each dish is a delightful surprise, a culinary masterpiece that defies expectations.

And let's talk cocktails – a symphony of indigenous Indian fruits and spirits orchestrated by the maestro mixologist Tim Etherington-Judge. Each sip is a flavourful fusion that perfectly harmonises with the diverse and rich tapestry of Bawri's culinary offerings.

Knock Knock

In the city that's always awake, Bawri BKC isn't just a spot to grab a bite – it's a cultural fiesta! So this weekend, get ready for a taste adventure that's as fine as it is flavourful!

Timings- 12 Noon to 3:30 PM & 7:00 PM to 1:30 PM

Location- Bawri, Shop No. 5, Ground Floor, INS Tower, G Block, BKC, Mumbai

Call for reservations- +919205100992 | +918800634350 | +918800634737

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