Summer vacay on your mind? Explore THESE 5 islands near Mumbai for exciting May-mories!

Summer vacay on your mind? Explore THESE 5 islands near Mumbai for exciting May-mories!

Make most of your weekends and bookmark this list right away!

A weekend retreat revolves around unwinding, savoring scenic vistas, and breaking free from the monotony of daily life. Near Mumbai, these 5 islands await with cosy homestays that offer the perfect opportunity to indulge in delightful cuisines, embark on treks, or bask in the sun beside the beach. If you agree with us, we believe that this list of 5 island getaways from Mumbai is a starting point.

Elephanta Island

This time, when you are in Mumbai, plan a trip to the famous Elephants Island, also declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During this expedition, you will see the enchanting Elephanta Caves which is divided into three parts - Hindu Cave, Buddhist Cave and Lord Shiva Cave. Interestingly, they are believed to be as old as the 6th century! You can either choose the morning slot from 9 am to 1 pm or the evening slot from 1 pm to 6 pm to visit.

How to reach from Mumbai: Take the ferry to the Elephanta Island from the Gateway of India. Upon reaching, you will have to walk for 1.5 km to reach to caves. 

Best time to visit: November to February

Panju Island

A well-kept secret, Panju Island, is located near Thane’s border and is about 15 km from Borivali Station. With a population of 1,500, Panju Island offers salt flats, vegetable farms and endless palm trees. While the island is largely unexplored, it dates back to the time of Maratha warrior Chimaji Appa. He strategically used Panju island to gain control over Vasai Fort from Portuguese rule. 

If you are an adventure junkie you can opt for various activities like wall climbing and boat rides and night camping, complete with campfires at the island.

How to reach from Mumbai: Rent a car that‘ll take you to Teen Hath Naka. From there you could book a ferry to the island.

Best time to visit: October to June

Kanhoji Angre Island

Kanhoji Angre Island or Khanderi Island, is an ideal place to visit on the weekend getaway from Mumbai. Situated around 20 km towards the south of Mumbai, the small island has played a significant role in the history of India. It is further home to a wooden Temple of Vetala and a 25 meters long lighthouse offering a wonderful view of the Arabian Sea. The solitary atmosphere of the island adds to the adventure and thrill while exploring the abandoned towers, similar to that of a fictional novel.

Since there is no adequate provision of food or water on the island, it is advisable to carry the same while travelling here.

How to reach from Mumbai: Take a ferry from Gateway of India to Alibaug. From there, you can get a speedboat or yacht to the Kanhoji Island.

Best time to visit: April to July

Madh Island

A popular weekend destination, away from the busy city life, Madh Island is all about sunshine, sea breeze, and amazing seafood. Located around 30 kilometres from Mumbai, between the Arabian Sea and Malad creek, it is a haven for those looking for some unique experiences. It is home to magnificent Portuguese architecture dating back to the 16th century, colourful native Koli villages and forts. There are plenty of luxury resorts here that offer a five-star stay experience along with gourmet food and live music.

How to reach from Mumbai: You can either book a cab that'll take you directly to the island or hire a ferry from Versova.

Best time to visit: October to June

Butcher Island

Butcher island, also known as Jawahar Dweep, is situated about 8 kms away from the Gateway of India. The island is home to an oil terminal that offloads oil from tankers, which is then piped to Wadala and refined. In the year 2017, the terminal suffered a massive fire which took days for the fire department to extinguish. 

Even though this island is not a conventional tourist spot, people visit the site to view the infamous accident spot. Before going, please confirm with the local authorities since entry is often restricted.

How to reach from Mumbai: Get a train from Andheri Station to Butcher Island which will take approximately 44 minutes (including transfers). 

Best time to visit: October to June

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