Synonymous with homestyle Malvani food since 1991, here's the story of Bandra's Highway Gomantak

Synonymous with homestyle Malvani food since 1991, here's the story of Bandra's Highway Gomantak

Even Ranbir Kapoor claims to be a fan of this restaurant.

Synonymous with homestyle Malvani food since 1991, here's the story of Bandra's Highway Gomantak stands out among the many seafood eateries in Mumbai, as a place where you can eat and splurge to your heart's content. Given the competition, you might wonder what makes this restaurant stand out. We're here to tell you the truth - everything about Gomantak is truly exceptional. We can confidently state that no one else prepares a coastal thali quite like them. Read on to know more!

Gorge on all that Malvani cuisine has to offer!

There's nothing fancy about the decor but the abundance of seafood on Highway Gomantak's menu, makes up for that simplicity. Other than a ton of seafood-based dishes, there are beef and chicken items along with a few vegetarian choices. The food is so delicious, that even Ranbir Kapoor is often spotted here!

Out of all the offerings, Gomantak's Bombil Fry Thali is a timeless classic that never disappoints. The fish is always perfectly cooked - you can expect a flavoursome fish with crispy skin, complemented by succulent meat. And the steaming hot rice, is the perfect partner for it!

So when here, cater to your appetite and ditch the fork and spoon! Roll up your sleeves, mix the rice and curry with your fingers and enjoy the creamy fish curry. This aromatic yellow gravy is infused with Indian spices and a generous amount of coconut and a firm yet tender fish floats in it.

And with your first bite, you'll know the reason behind Gomantak's fame! Also, do try the delicious Baby Pomfret Fry and the highly acclaimed rawa-coated Surmai Fry at Gomatak. You'll not regret it.

If you wish to try something else than the thali, you can indulge in Gomantak's irresistible kalwa (seasonal oysters), kolambi (prawns), tisrya (clams), mori (shark), and kurlya (crab) dishes.

The unusual Murdushi aka 'vegetarian fish', is also a must-try too, for those looking for a vegetarian option. Fans of mutton should not be hesitant to order the flavorful and strongly spiced Mutton Sukke Thali.

Highway's Journey

It all started back in 1991, when the duo Ramesh and Shashikla Pottnis decided to open a family-run restaurant that would serve authentic Goan food. They had no idea that their eatery would go on to become one of the most iconic restaurants in Mumbai. Additionally, this eatery's informal tagline, ‘The food we eat is the food we serve’, is still followed religiously by family members.

Moreover, at Gomantak, 'As Per Catch' (APC) takes on a fresh significance. When specific fish isn't obtainable, those menu items are omitted for the day instead of resorting to frozen alternatives. Freshness remains paramount, with fish, chicken, mutton, and vegetables being sourced anew every morning, consistently, year after year.

This eatery also has been a favourite among B-town stars, since it threw its doors open over three decades ago. Celebrities from the 90s, were usually seen huddled here. And now, Ranbir Kapoor and other stars if his stature, are also spotted here frequently.

Since its inception, Highway Gomantak has thrived as a cosy establishment, dedicated to serving authentic Malvani cuisine. The secret to its fame lies in the art of delivering genuine flavours of Goa, in the form of tantalising curries, zesty gravies, flavourful tikhale and sukke dishes. Over the span of three decades, the restaurant has evolved commendably and if you're in Mumbai, this is where you should head over for a feast!

Where- Highway Service Road, Opposite Mahim Post Office, Bandra East, Mumbai

Timing- 11:30 am- 10:30 pm

Cost- ₹800 for two (approximately)

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