The sunny side of Mumbai rains! Navigating the love affair between Mumbaikars and monsoons

The sunny side of Mumbai rains! Navigating the love affair between Mumbaikars and monsoons

Monsoon is on its way to finally offer respite from the heat.

The rain is on its way to finally rescue Mumbai from its rather long sweltering heat and we are ready to embrace the arrival of the monsoon, like a friend returning home. The rain brings relief from the heat while also ushering in traffic jams, water-logging, cancellations and diversions. Yet we greet it with open arms. So join us as we delve into this love affair between Mumbai and its beloved monsoon!

1. A Symphony of Rain and Greenery

The inaugural monsoon showers in Mumbai are always special, coaxing you to shut your eyes and breathe in the hypnotic fresh earthy scent. With heavy downpours and cloudy skies, this season also brings in a cloak of lush greenery! A spectacle to behold, especially after the unforgiving summers.

2. A Leisurely Stroll By The Water

One of the perks of early monsoon season in Mumbai is the pleasure of walking down the spell-bounding Marine Drive, where nature's force is on full display. Alternatively, you can enjoy a leisurely walk along Juhu Beach or Bandstand, where you can simply immerse yourself in the spectacle of the rain-kissed landscape.

[Check for high-tide warnings and restrictions, before stepping out.]

3.  Ultimate Monsoon Snack: Kanda Bhaji & Bhutta

In the whimsical season of rain, there's a delightful dance of flavours that captivates our senses - the crisp allure of Kanda Bhaji and the comforting embrace of Bhuttas, our cherished monsoon companions. And oh, nothing can top the sense of satisfaction when these crispies are paired with a steaming cup of chai! Truly, in such moments, what more could one possibly crave?

4. A Rainy Romance

There is a certain charm in strolling along Mumbai's shoreline, hand in hand with our beloved, sheltered beneath a solitary umbrella. Take cues from the elderly Mumbai couple, who recreated Manzil movie’s famed song Rimjhim Gire Sawan, dressed like the characters of Amitabh Bachchan and Moushumi Chatterjee!

5. Football in the Rain

There's an unrivalled thrill in kicking a football across a soggy turf! As monsoon sets in, awaken the child within and head to a nearby ground to revisit your childhood with your gang! However, a gentle reminder to tread carefully.

6. Dancing to the beats of the downpour

Remember the viral Mumbai couple, dancing on the footpath during heavy rains to the tunes of 'Tum Se Hi'? Well, as the monsoon clouds once again grace the city, you too can find joy in such moments! So gather up your friends, sweetheart or even your siblings and choreograph your dance-in-the-rain moment, today! After all, isn't that what makes Mumbai truly magical?

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